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Hanoy lottery, many people look at each other very well with the Hanoy lottery that is hot right now because everyone plays But today we will explain to you in more detail what the lottery is because some people who Still misunderstood about the lottery We will solve this puzzle and go and see.

Batting lottery or lottery lottery is a lottery based on the results from the results of the product in the country, there are 2 numbers and 3 numbers, and there are lottery numbers to buy 4 numbers like the Thai government, the price is 120 baht per set. Read it every day, it is very popular nowadays because it is an opportunity for those who like to risk their fortune by predicting the results of receiving money every day, which the betting style is close to the Thai government lottery

For the single lottery lottery, it originated from foreign countries, which is beginning to be known and gaining more popularity among Thai gamblers. for People who like to play daily lottery

As for playing the lottery Thai Lotto , you can choose a training format for all top numbers, 3 totes, 2 top numbers, 2 bottom numbers, top bottom numbers and bottom numbers.

The issuing of Hanoy lottery tickets that are very popular nowadays is because the lottery is issued every day, the time that the results will be below is approximately 18:15, while the top result is at Around 6:30 pm according to the time of departure by the blatant inspection office

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