Healthy Dessert Dishes to Cater your Sweet Cravings

Health is the real wealth. It cultivates cheerfulness, allows us to remain focused on our work, and maintains overall well – being. Health comes with making consistency in nutritious food choices. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to subside your sugar cravings. You can opt for healthy dessert recipes that are low in calories, indulgent and satisfy your sugar cravings. Feeling hungry? Well, the wait is over here we bring amazing dessert dishes to support your healthy-ish lifestyle:

  1. Sugar free Mango Shake: Mango is itself full of sugar. So, if you prepare it just by adding milk, it tastes yummy. This easy to make drink is one of the convenient breakfast options that helps reach your weight goals. It not thrills your taste buds, but also enriches you with A, B2, B6, B12, C and D vitamins, calcium, folate and magnesium. It’s a perfect drink to beat the summer heat and relish juicy mangoes.
  1. Strawberry Chia Seed Smoothie: Packed with antioxidants and fiber, Strawberry Chia Seed Smoothie is one of the most satisfying and healthy snacks you would never wish to miss. It can be prepared barely in 5 minutes. Simply blend tangy strawberries with chia seeds, yogurt, milk and enjoy the thick and creamy drink that you will never want to miss. You can top this delicious drink with finely chopped nuts to enhance its crunchiness. It’s a great snack to soothe your tiring evenings.
  1. Oats Biscuits: In comparison to normal cookies, oatmeal cookies are much healthier. They are the best choice to stay away from the guilty pleasures. Rich in fibers, proteins, healthy fats and minerals, oats biscuits prevent constipation, lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. You can munch them with evening tea or coffee or just carry them while traveling to satiate unpredicted hunger pangs.
  1. Sugar free cakes: A cake is everyone’s weakness. Once in a while, everyone loves to binge into it. But, if you are on a restricted diet, and still want to enjoy its flavor, go for sugar free cakes. You can also present them as gifts to elderly or someone who is following a glycemic diet. They are made of natural fruit juices which maintain the addicting flavor of a regular cake. There are a lot of websites which offer sugar free cake deliveries across the cities of Maharashtra. Simply select your favorite cake, mention important details and receive a freshly baked sugar free cake delivery in Thane.
  1. Date and walnut pie: It is one of the delicious recipes to satisfy taste buds. Every bite of it brings a heavenly feeling and pumps up the mood instantly. The best thing about this dish is that it doesn’t include sugar. The sweetness of dates is enough to indulge into sweet fantasy without compromising on flavor. Try this one for sure. It is beautifully light, nutritious and completely guilt – free.

So, still you believe that going on a diet means you can’t enjoy enough desserts? Well! The above options would surely change your thought. Make any of them as part of your dessert meal and enjoy its warming goodness.