Here are the best Gold Necklace designs with prices!

Are you getting ready for the wedding season? DO you have an army of friends getting hitched? Then, you have to look at this list. Or are you the bride yourself looking for some jewelry for your big day? Amidst all the hurry and the chaos, after you have chosen your regal bridal dress, it is time for you to select some matching jewelry. A red lehenga for the marriage is great but you need to have some great jewelry that has to go with it. If you have enough of diamond jewelley necklace designs, then gold is something you should opt for.

It is your bridal jewelry that is going to amplify your bridal look. Since you are putting so much of effort on your D-Day, why not wait for some good jewelry pieces and pair them up with your wedding dress? Here are a few gold necklace designs that will definitely go along with that red lehenga.

All gold

If you are going for a red lehenga that has a golden border or embroideries or embellishments. You can opt for a plain gold necklace design with matching earrings and bangles. To complete the look, if you are dressed in a red pattu saree you can surely wear the waistband too. All gold jewelry and a red lehenga can go so well that when you see the bride wearing it, you will surely love it.

Here are a few gold types of necklaces that you can go for in the gold necklaces designs:

–         Matte gold necklace

 There are a few people who do not like to go for shiny gold ornaments. Then, they can surely try the matte gold necklaces which is the right choice. Though it is not shiny, it still looks chic and is a showcasing of contemporary style.

–         Gold necklace with pendant

Another great way of wearing a gold necklace. It is very simple and yet so elegant. You will completely love it when you wear it on a saree.

–         Traditional gold necklaces

 For those who love going old school and want to remain traditional, then the traditional gold necklaces are ideal for the one getting married. They are simple but carry a lot of rich cultures.

–         Layered Gold necklaces look

For the brides who love to go full chic and beautiful can have layered gold necklaces. However, be careful to not overdo it because different gold necklace designs have different lengths. Be sure to match them well before you wear them by not overdoing them.


Thus, there are a lot of different kinds of gold necklace designs with price. A bride can choose any kind of jewelry (not particularly gold) and can switch to different styles of wearing it. There is a pendant-style necklace and then there is minimalistic jewelry and whatnot. You can go for haath pool, Nath, Matha Patti and things like that to accessorize the gold necklace. Whatever kind of jewelry you are in, remember that you are going to be beautiful.