High Concentration CBD cartridges for sale in the UK

Where can you buy a high concentration CBD vape cartridge in the UK? This is a question that often pops up as there doesn’t appear to be that many brands selling high concentration CBD cartridges in the UK. Over here, we have such a great choice of CBD e liquids, but we are fairly limited when it comes to something a bit stronger. In this post, I wanted to help you navigate the vape cartridge market and tell you where I think you can find the best super lemon haze oil cartridge this side of the pond. 

One thing is for sure, we are not short of CBD e liquids in this country and the selection has significantly grown over the last few years. Every vape shop you wander into or browse online has a plethora of flavours! You can take the synthetic fruity route more akin to traditional vaping or you can find yourself a nice collection of marijuana flavoured e liquids using more natural terpenes derived from cannabis plants. CBD e liquid is essentially the same liquid consistency as vape juice – a mixture of PG and VG – but it obviously has CBD blended into this mixture rather than flavouring or nicotine. 

However, the issue with CBD e liquid is that they are not that strong because they have been diluted down by the carrier agent. Most CBD e liquid ranges from 5 – 10% in strength. Whilst this is perfect for more regular, everyday vaping of CBD if you are looking for something much stronger where you don’t have to vape as much and can get more of a hit each time, then this doesn’t work! I find that there are many people who want to vape CBD as it really is the most effective and immediate way to get CBD into your body and bloodstream, but they don’t necessarily want to become a regular vape. They want a high dose hit, less regularly so that they can feel the effects instantly. This is often the case with people with underlying health issues such as arthritis or other ailments that require immediate relief. 

In the US, e liquids are a lot less popular as people and the industry favour more natural ways to vape cannabis. As such, the majority of vaping products are vape oils of cannabis extracts (THC or CBD) and nothing else. So it is not mixed in or diluted down by any cutting agent such as PG and VG. This not only makes it a lot stronger (due to the cannabis extract being highly concentrated), but it also makes it one of the most natural ways to vape CBD as it does not contain any of what some people say could be potentially harmful-to-inhale solvents. 

Pure cannabis extract vape oils usually range in 55-65% in strength which is significantly higher than a dose from a puff of a CBD e liquid. In the UK, these extracts will be CBD and so derived from hemp in order to be compliant with UK regulation. CBD vape oils require that you have a more powerful device to be able to heat up the oil so don’t try to use an e-liquid device, instead make sure that you look for a cannabis vape pen as that will be strong enough to heat up your high concentration CBD cartridges.

Again, it is not the easiest to find strong CBD vape cartridges in the UK, but there are a couple of brands who have come out with some good options as of late. I am a big fan of a super lemon haze oil cartridge and so the Paso 65% vape oil cartridge has got my vote. Their Citrus Eclipse flavour is their take on the classic Super Lemon Haze and it is zesty fresh! 

Let me know if there are any other brands that are selling high concentration cbd cartridges in the UK. It appears they are a dime a dozen. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with the Paso vape oil cartridge, but it’s always good to see what else is out there!