Hiring a wedding DJ – What to keep in mind?

Hiring a DJ on your wedding day makes a difference, especially if you want to make your wedding day truly a memorable one. However, the services of wedding DJ Los Angeles come with a price. The average cost of a wedding DJ ranges between $300 and $650. The price varies depending on the size of the venue, length of the program, use of equipment, and reputation of the DJ. Ideally, those who already established their name in the industry cost more than those who are just starting to build their name. 

If you have an upcoming wedding and considering hiring the service of a wedding DJ, then you might want to follow these tips:

  • Know the requirements of the venue – Before you hire a DJ you have to know the requirement of your wedding venue. Does it allow an outside vendor or it has its in-house DJ? It would be better if you can bring your own DJ because after all, it is your wedding.
  • Know the services they offer – When interviewing potential hosts for your wedding, you have to know beforehand the types of services they offer. Do they offer exclusive hosting? Do they offer additional services such as special equipment and special effects?
  • Style of music they play – During your wedding, you will surely have a preferred style of music. So, you have to ask the DJ beforehand if he/she can play such a style of music. If you have something in mind, then you could share the playlist with the DJ and ask him/her if he could make a special arrangement. That way, you are giving your wedding a unique playlist. 
  • Ask if the DJ provides the equipment – Some DJs have all the required equipment but with an additional fee. Ask the DJ beforehand if the equipment is already included in the professional fee or will he charge an additional fee for the use of equipment.