How are the placements at Shiv Nadar University?

Shiv Nadar University is a Private Research University founded in 2011 in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. Being a comprehensive multidisciplinary university, it offers a diverse range of academic programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

Due to its research-centric status, Shiv Nadar University has sophisticated labs and smart classrooms to improve the quality of life of students and staff while they aim to expand their boundaries of knowledge and creativity.

There are twenty-four departments in total that are continuously engaged in teaching, practicing, and research work.

What puts SNU apart from its contemporaries is its synergy between teaching research that gives ample stress on new and creative ways of learning. The university’s research themes are quite diverse and cover areas such as labour law, healthcare policies, big data analytics, climate change, polymer design, etc.

Research and Publications:

There is also ongoing research for treatment for diseases like Cancer and Malaria. Almost all the research work carried out at SNU finds its way through high-quality publications, research articles, and scientific papers. The University’s faculties have largely contributed to Journal publications and Book chapters.

The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) is established to protect the welfare of human subjects that are involved in the research conducted at the University. The Institutional Bio Safety Committee (IBSC) reviews and approves the research projects involving the use of DNA and genetically modified organisms.

SNU boasts of a campus that stretches across 286 acres and is renowned for its state of art infrastructure and ecological diversity. They have a fully residential campus amid a tranquil environment for the students to undergo learning and self-discovery. SNU has students coming in from almost 27 states of India which imbibes a vivid and cosmopolitan culture in terms of talent and perspectives. Students have full freedom to conduct intellectual debates and experiment with new ideas within the campus. They are provided with all the necessary resources to pursue academic and recreational activities through societies and projects. The campus is buzzing with activities like Stage plays, dance performances, and movie screenings to keep the students interested and involved in all sorts of activities which eventually leads to a complete personality makeover.


Any institute’s placement record is one of the prime metrics that students check before enrolling. Although getting a placement is secondary to achieving the right education, they often go hand in hand. The need for placement numbers is therefore crucial for building any institute’s reputation.

Shiv Nadar University has a highly efficient Career Development Centre (CDC) who works day in and day out to shape its students’ careers and provide them with all the key ingredients to become an Industry ready professional who can carve their niche once they are out of college. CDC aims to provide career-related guidance and coaching from day 1 so that by the time they start appearing for placements they are completely ready to hit the notch with confidence and skills.

CDC not only prepares students to grab their offer letters or PPO’s but also assists those who are willing to take the path less trodden such as higher education, entrepreneurship, community and defence services, etc.

Ever since the first batch of students graduated in 2015, SNU has been one of the favourite talent pools for Indian and International companies from various areas such as Consulting, Manufacturing, Start-ups, financial institutions, NGO’s and social establishments. Some of the leading Employment parts for SNU are Cognizant Technology Solutions, Adobe, Goldman Sachs, Ashok Leyland, Bank of America, DELL, Deloitte, BOSCH, OMAX, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Consultancy Services and Saint-Gobain. Students start preparing days ahead of the placement season via initiatives like workshops and technical sessions.

Once the students have completed their sixth semester, they are eligible to register for the Campus placement training. Those who are willing to pursue higher education get enrolled in an in-house preparatory class. As per the data available, almost 18 percent of the students every year opt for higher education and are successful in scoring a rank at top universities across the world. The Career Development Centre also assists the students in shortlisting the right universities based on their interests and country-wise admission criteria.


Many of the Shiv Nadar University alumni have gone ahead and started their ventures in the field of visual media, transport solutions, and product development. The Institute’s proud alumni are engaged in some exemplary research work and are harnessing value for the generations to come and for the nation. SNU has a fully functional Alumni relations office that maintains the communication channels with them.

For the graduation class of 2018-2019, the placement percentage was a stellar 93.1 percent with the highest salary of a whopping 31.5 lacs per annum. The average salary for the same batch was 6.35 Lacs per annum. Out of all 557 students, 86 of them went ahead to pursue higher studies and 43 enrolled for research projects.

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