How Bioidentical Hormones Help the Body Function Better

During menopause, women often experience night sweats and hot flashes, leading to estrogen loss in the body. If you experience such symptoms during menopause, you might need to consider seeking help from a New York bioidentical hormone specialist. Your doctor may suggest Bioidentical hormones. These are human-made hormones manufactured in a laboratory similar to those people produce in the body naturally. They are made from various plants and animal products.

Your body can’t function well without hormones because they serve as a channel of communication between other body parts. Hormones control most functions in your body, ranging from digestion, brain function, mood changes, and food breakdown.

Anytime your body lacks hormones, it cannot function well, which can harm your overall health. That is why people seek hormonal replacement therapies to solve hormonal problems and make their body feel better. 

Uses of Bioidentical Hormones 

Since the body needs to continue functioning, you can go for bioidentical hormones to treat menopause symptoms. Your doctor can advise you on the suitable and available treatment to replace the lost hormones. Here are the benefits you will enjoy after the treatment.

  • Reduced hot flashes
  • Reduced night sweats
  • Improved memory 
  • Reduced virginal dryness
  • Increased sex drive
  • Good sleeping patterns
  • Increased energy 
  • Gain your muscle mass
  • Boost mood 
  • Reduced fatigue 

The above benefits of bioidentical hormones can help you regain your body balance and allow your body to function normally. Even though the hormones are human-made, they still serve the same purpose as those naturally produced in the body. 

Candidates of Bioidentical Hormones

Women suffering from perimenopause can go for bioidentical hormones. The treatment is also suitable for men who want to improve libido, gain muscle mass, and increase body fat. If you have been taking other medications, you should change your lifestyle before you go for bioidentical hormones. 

How Bioidentical hormones are Administered

When you go for bioidentical hormones, your doctor will advise on the right treatment. You may need to take pills, gels, injections, get implant pellets in your body, use creams and patches. Sometimes, one option might not be effective, and you may need to try more than one and determine what works for your body. 

How a Doctor Selects your Dose 

A doctor will examine your body by testing your hormone levels through blood samples, urine, or saliva. This will help your doctor to determine the right treatment for your body.

As you proceed with the treatment, the doctor will assess your hormone levels and check for hormonal balance. This will happen several times until your doctor confirms that you are okay. The doctor can adjust your dose based on your treatment symptoms and needs. 

When Should You Call Your Healthcare Provider? 

Call your doctor if you need relief from menopause symptoms. You can get the appropriate treatment to restore your hormonal levels. After your treatment, seek your doctor’s help immediately after you notice any harmful side effects of the dose. Remember, you should adhere to your doctor’s instructions to help shorten the recovery time. Call your doctor today and get relief from menopause symptoms.