How can you lead a Plastic Free Lifestyle?

People share the concern of having a safe environment. To ensure this, numerous individuals globally, especially in the UK, have chosen plastic-free living. If you are seeking for such a lifestyle, then all you need to follow a few things, which will help you to start in this path. These activities include things like carrying reusable bags, using bamboo straws and more. Have a look at these in detail below.

  1. Utilize re-useable bags

When shopping for things like food, clothes, etc. always try to carry re-usable bags which are made from cotton, jute, etc. On the other hand, people can also use messenger bags or a backpack, which would help one to stop using plastics completely. Cotton and jute bags are becoming all a rage in the United Kingdom, which are a much better alternative to plastics.

It is easy to carry reusable bags,and one can keep it in his/her car for emergencies too. Moreover, these bags are strong enough to be used for carrying not only groceries but also other purchases such as clothing, electronics, etc.

  1. Choose stainless steel mugs for water, coffee and other liquids

First of all, it is never a good idea to opt for plastic bottled water. Moreover, several brands simply fill them with tap water. Hence, opting for stainless steel mug, when travelling, is the ideal approach. Just fill it up with water before leaving home; also, refill whenever it’s necessary.

Always, avoid using aluminium or plastic bottles as plastic most times leak chemicals, which is never good for health. Also, aluminium bottles have epoxy resin which might get mixed into water, depending on a brand a person uses. Hence, why one should take such a chance; using stainless steel is the option to go.

  • Opt for fresh fruits rather than buying bottled juice

People buy juice bottles whenever they need it. If you want to lead a plastic-free life, then you should opt for eating fruits instead of buying such bottles. Eating fruit or making juice at home eradicates the requirement for disposing of bottles; be it a plastic or glass one.

Also, one should avoid drinking sodas and other sugary liquid that is offered in plastic bottles, glasses, etc. If an individual is craving for such a drink once a while, then opt for glass bottle ones as they can be recycled.

  1. Avoid convenient frozen food

One of the hardest tasks to achieve is giving up comfort or convenient frozen food. Every brand uses plastic for packaging, which is never a healthy option, and no brand is an alternative to another if you are looking to go plastic-free. From food trays top packaging, everything has plastic in it. Hence, limiting the consumption of such food items is a task which one should achieve. The fewer people consume it, lesser will be the generated plastic waste.

These are just some of the ways which you should choose if you are planning to live a plastic-free and healthy life. At first, it might feel difficult, but you will eventually get over it and create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family.