How Can Your Business Benefit From Using Fibre Drums?

Lightweight, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, there are a wide number of benefits that can be gained from adopting fibre drums to meet your business needs.

Fibre drums are an excellent alternative to traditional industrial storage containers, such as steel drums or plastic barrels. Despite being constructed from a form of heavy-duty cardboard, they’re surprisingly versatile, resilient and long lasting.

If you’re debating the merits of fibre drums, the expert team at ITP Packaging is here to explain how they can benefit your business.

The Benefits of Fibre Drums

Fibre drums have a fantastic range of benefits, and there are many ways in which your business can take advantage of their low cost, sustainability and versatility. Here are the most important ways that your business can benefit from using fibre drums.

A sustainable way to store and transport goods

Fibre drums are constructed from kraft paper, a sustainable form of cardboard that’s versatile and surprisingly robust. Kraft paper can be sustainably sourced, as the supplies used in its manufacture can be replenished and energy use is minimal compared to the production of heavy-duty packaging items such as steel drums.

Importantly, kraft paper products can be recycled, too. This ensures that the packaging your business chooses to use can be considered sustainable, helping your company’s eco-credentials, but more importantly helping to save the environment.

Can be used for bulk storage of industrial products

Fibre drums are manufactured in a range of different capacities, from 26 litres right up to 200 litres. Whatever size of drum your business requires, it can be produced on spec, making them incredibly versatile packaging options.

This gives you the ability to store goods in bulk, where needed, and fibre drums are suitable for holding both dry and wet products. Common goods that are often stored in bulk in fibre drums include powders, granules and pastes. With the added help of drum liners, liquids can be stored in fibre drums as well.

Reduce weights by up to 80 per cent

Because they are constructed from kraft paper, often with a lightweight metal chimb added to the top and bottom for added support, adopting fibre drums can help your business reduce transport weights significantly.

Estimates vary depending on your existing industrial storage solutions and the products you store inside them, but compared to heavy steel drums you can expect to reduce weights by as much as 80 per cent through the use of fibre drums.

Take advantage of their long lifespan

Fibre drums have an impressively long lifespan. Given that they are made from cardboard, you’ll be surprised at how infrequently they need replacing.

Depending on how your goods are stored and what you are storing, fibre drums can have a lifespan of several years. Using drum liners to protect a fibre drum, and storing and handling them with due care and attention can help to improve their lifespan beyond this.

Recycle and reuse fibre drums again and again

We’ve already mentioned the sustainability benefits that come with adopting fibre drums, but did you know they can be both reused and recycled time and time again?

As long as you use them to store the same or similar products, or make sure that you are using protective drum liners to avoid cross-contamination of goods, then fibre drums can be used for as long as their lifespan allows.

Once that long lifespan is over, the fibre drum can be completely recycled into a new fibre drum or into new cardboard products.

Reduce costs when using fibre drums

For many businesses, the biggest benefit is the reduction in costs that can be seen when using fibre drums. This is especially true when comparing fibre drums to other forms of industrial containers, such as steel drums or even plastic drums.

Fibre drums are incredibly cost-effective, given their low upfront cost and their ability to be reused on multiple occasions. Fibre drums are also much easier and cheaper to transport than other, heavier and bulkier types of containers, saving you costs in the long run and helping your business’s profit and loss chart stay healthy.

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Fibre drums have a range of advantages that your business can quickly start to benefit from. If you’re looking for a low cost and environmentally friendly packaging supplies company, then fibre drums could easily meet your industrial requirements.

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