How Do I Choose A Folding Tent?

This is one of the questions that people ask the most, since the folding tent is an element that we are not used to buying or comparing. Yes, some people know what they are buying, especially those who have had a bad experience with a folding tent.

To that effect, in this article, we will try to explain some characteristics that are good to compare when choosing the 40×40 tent we need:

  1. The Use

We have to first know what we will use the folding tent for because that will determine the next point, which is the structure we are going to choose. It is important to know if we are going to mount and dismount many times or if we are going to leave it fixed.

  1. The Structure ofthe Tent

There are different structures available, which differ in the thickness of the tubes and their weight. The three materials we have are the following:

  • For specific uses, choose the folding steel tent
  • Aluminum folding tents, for continuous use
  • For intensive use, the best option is the reinforced aluminum folding tent
  1. The Colors ofthe Tent

This is just an aesthetic issue. We have to think about the color, knowing that dark colors such as a black tent can give more heat in a tent than a white tent. In fact, for sunny summer days, we would not recommend a black tent, due to the interior temperature. The available colors are:

  • For nature lovers, go for a green extendable tent
  • Yellow extendable tent for those who want to stand out
  • White folding tent for the classics
  • If you are looking for elegance, the black folding tent will suit you 100%
  • For those who long for the sea, go for the blue folding tent
  • Purple extendable tent, a trendy color for events and parties
  • Sophisticated and discreet gray folding tent
  • If you want to organize the best children’s parties, do it with a pink folding tent
  1. The Place to Set up The Folding Tent

This would also be conditional on the previous point, but you have to know if you want to leave it in one place and not dismantle it, or if you are going to dismantle and mount the tent many times. All of this is important when choosing the tent you need.