How Do Pests Enter Homes?

Pests enter homes in many different ways. In some cases, a pest may find its way into your home through an open door. They may also crawl up from beneath the soil or emerge from a damp area near the foundation of your house. Certain pests can enter through air vents, while others may come in with large packages delivered to your address. Regardless of how they get inside, they are capable of causing extensive damage to your belongings and even spreading diseases and making you sick.

If pest control Leander has become a serious problem for you, then you better consider hiring an exterminator. They are qualified to handle any type of pest, and they have the necessary tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Keep reading to find out more about common ways pests enter your home.

  • Windows and doors

Most insects, spiders, and other pests will enter your home through doors and windows. Moths, flies, and other flying insects can bore into screens or fly in through windows by any of the following means: flying into the window with an unsuspecting person, climbing through a screen or mesh into the house via an opening, or entering through a hole in a screen.

  • Exhaust fans and dryer vents

Dryer vents (and sometimes even exhaust fans) often have cracks and holes that allow pests to enter your home through them. A pest can crawl up into the vent or fan, and then make its way into your home. To avoid this, ensure that your dryer vents are in good condition and not blocked with lint or other debris. 

  • Siding and passages in walls

Pests can enter through cracks and holes in your walls. These areas are a pathway for pests to enter your home undetected. They can enter through small holes in window screens and also through gaps in doors. In some cases, rodents can enter through holes in the siding.

  • Foundation and exterior walls

Pests such as termites, ants, and spiders can enter your home through cracks in the soil around the foundation of the house. To avoid this, you should have your soil tested regularly and have any infestation areas treated accordingly.

  • Items brought into the home

In most cases, pests will be brought into the home in a new item you have just purchased. For example, in some cases, pests are brought into the home with vegetables and fruits, and other perishable items you have purchased from the store. You can prevent this by putting your product in the fridge or freezer immediately after purchase or washing most of it before storing it.