How Does The Bark Collar Work?


It is essential to know your dog, his character and his different behaviours. The barking can be due to a lack of happiness, hugs, or just because he is sad or extremely excited. But sometimes it happens that you cannot define the precise reason for his barking, do not worry, we have created this article about it, it will give you all the information and advice for the right bark collar.

The bark collar can have a bad reputation with dog owners and be the target of a lot of prejudices, very often false: “the dog suffers”, “it is an object of torture” … Nevertheless, in the face of Repeated and annoying barking, many dog ​​owners find themselves distraught.

In these cases, the anti-bark collar is necessary and remains the most effective device and having the greatest speed of action against unwanted barking.

Why put an anti-bark collar on your dog?

Just like speech for humans, barking for dogs is a way of communicating. Thus, they can be issued to express an emotion or a need, indicate a danger, threaten …

However, it happens that sometimes, certain dogs use it too often and bark as soon as something catches their attention: a bird which lands near it, a passer-by that it sees, or even when it is bored or feel alone. It is therefore not pleasant for the owner or for those around him to hear a dog barking continuously, especially since the barking is often very loud.

The untimely barking can thus become a real source of conflict between neighbours who find their daily tranquillity hampered by this nuisance. Because, in fact, hearing a dog bark continuously and in an unwarranted manner is not pleasant.

Know that loud and repetitive noises, which are thus nuisances and cause trouble, are reprehensible. If the violation is found, it can range from a simple fine to the removal of the dog in the most serious cases.

When the environment of his neighbours is no longer peaceful and is disturbed because of his dog, a quick solution must be found to calm the situation. The bark collar then seems to be the excellent approach to this problem.

So how bark collar works?

Like a collar for walking, the bark collar is placed around the dog’s neck. It has a strap to pass around the neck in order to maintain and allow the operation of the box within which is the heart of the device responsible for controlling and limiting barking.

Once turned on, the collar detects the barking of the dog, either through a microphone in the housing, or using a system that detects the vibrations emitted by the dog’s vocal cords. during a bark.

Once the bark is detected, the bark collar reprimands the dog by producing an unpleasant action. Depending on the device, this may be the sending of a slight electric shock, the projection of a jet of liquid on the nose, the triggering of a shake or the emission of an ultrasound.

Quickly, most often within a few days, the dog will then make the link between barking and triggering of the collar. To avoid the reprimand at all costs and that the unpleasant action produced by the collar does not kick in, he understands that it is enough not to bark.

It is a completely painless and highly dissuasive product.