How Eyelid Surgery Improves Your Appearance

It is annoying when people ask you if you are sad and tired when you are alert and happy. These confusing questions might be attributed to sagging eyelids which make you look sad and tired. You should look for a blepharoplasty doctor near you to correct the sagging eyelids, adding years to your actual age. It is wise to look for Scarsdale eyelid surgery experts near you, who will administer the procedure and educate you on its benefits. Here is why you should consider blepharoplasty.

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a rejuvenation surgery done on the eyelids to elevate eyelid puffiness and remove excess skin, hindering vision. The procedure might take years off your face and can improve your eyesight.

It Opens Your Eyes

Blepharoplasty opens your eyes since it corrects drooping eyelids, which make you look sleepy. Heavy eyelids make the eyes appear puffy and smaller, and in extreme situations, it can impact your vision. During the surgery, the doctor would remove the excess eyelids on your face, improving the eyelids’ placement, thus improving vision.

Subtle Symmetry

If your eyelids are mismatched, you can opt for eyelid surgery to get subtle symmetry and reduce the annoying sensation of one heavier eyelid. If you enjoy wearing makeup, it can be challenging to attain a look that makes the eyelids appear appealing when one eyelid is heavier. Noticeable asymmetry can impact your confidence, lowering your self-esteem.

Makes You Look Refreshed

Puffy and heavy eyelids are associated with tiredness, and you will look tired with puffy eyes, but you can look energized and refreshed after surgery. The bags under your eyes form due to muscle weakness due to aging or genetics. The muscles under your eyes keep the pockets of fats around the eye in place. However, aging allows the fat to move to the lower lid, resulting in fluid build-up to fill the fats’ spaces. The eyelid surgery will rid the eyes of the fats and collected fluids on the eyelids.

Are You Eligible for Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is suitable for adults who have dermatochalasis, which reduces vision and makes one appear older. Although this procedure is mainly medical and is suitable for people who have vision problems, it may be ideal for cosmetic procedures. You can have the procedure in adulthood, but you can have eyelid surgery if your condition is hereditary. However, your doctor should diagnose any condition which could alter the surgery’s outcome. If you have medical conditions that impact healing and recovery, your doctor will guide you to improve healing. However, people with glaucoma and detached retina are not suitable for the surgery.

The Bottom Line

Are dropping eyes adding years to your age and making you appear sleepy? Worry not, as you can opt for eyelid surgery which corrects the excess skin on the face. You are likely to undertake the procedure in adulthood, but you can have it in childhood if the condition is hereditary. Eyelid surgery improves your vision, improves your confidence, and makes you look younger and alert. Good luck with the eyelid surgery.