How I Chose Between an Auto Slide or Auto Swing Gate in Singapore

When I got married and gave birth to my first child, I decided our house needed an auto gate from Singapore. I’d lived in my house for many years before this and never thought of getting an automatic gate because I didn’t consider myself or my house upper-middle class. I thought that only wealthy families needed auto gates. However, I decided I needed one after giving birth to my child because I wanted her to be able to play outside without anything putting her in danger. With that in mind, I figured out how to get an auto gate for my house.

I thought it would be as simple as getting the first auto gate I saw, but it turns out that there are multiple types of gates available, depending on your needs and lifestyle. You could get an auto swing gate in Singapore or an auto sliding gate. It turns out that there were a lot more differences between the two types than I thought! Here are the factors I thought about to choose the right gate for my house.

1. Budget

As I mentioned before, my family is not considered an upper-middle-class family. So when I decided to get an auto gate, I told myself that I would stick to a budget to save some money. After asking around, I learned that the auto swing gate from Singapore is the cheaper option. Since it uses simpler automation technology, the auto swing gate is considered the more traditional type. This more straightforward automation makes it a more affordable option than the auto sliding gate.

2. Space

The next aspect to think about is the space it takes up. This aspect is where the auto sliding gate from Singapore shines the most. Since it slides into your gate’s walls, it only takes up a little space. While my house has some distance between it and the neighbouring houses, it could benefit from the auto sliding gate since fewer neighbours will be disturbed whenever we need to use it.

3. Maintenance

Finally, I needed to consider how much maintenance the auto gate from Singapore would need. My husband and I are both busy, so it may be challenging for us to find time to maintain the gate if necessary. The auto swing gate has the advantage over this since its simpler mechanisms mean it won’t require as much maintenance.

4. The Final Decision

With all that in mind, my husband and I agreed that the best choice would be the auto swing gate from Singapore. While it does take up more space, it doesn’t take up so much that it becomes impossible to use. Its lower price and maintenance make it perfect for our lifestyle, and we installed it immediately to make our home safer for our child.

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