How Industrial Roller Doors Have Revolutionised Commercial Spaces

An industrial environment must use high-efficiency equipment to look after all aspects of daily operations – this is why Industrial Roller Doors are such a popular choice. Designed to accommodate industrial activities, these doors come with various advantages. Discussed below are the key features that make roller doors perfect for commercial purposes.


Roller doors are precisely designed for fast functioning. In an industry setting where there’s a constant in and outflow of products, vehicles and workers, there’s no time to waste. Industrial roller doors are usually powered by a three-phase electric motor which increases their operational speeds up to almost 20metres per minute.

Depending on the requirements, shutter speed can be expanded up to 30metres per minute. For commercial spaces like car parking facilities, having a fast-paced roller door is hugely beneficial.

Total Insulation

Insulation is vital for most industrial spaces. Especially for companies who deal with chemical or food processing, not being able to maintain a specific temperature could result in the loss of product purity. Since industrial roller doors are stuffed with insulation pads, they hardly let any air in.

Plus, the fast operation time of these doors ensure that very little air to escapes or enters the premises. Over a year, an industrial roller door can significantly cut down on a commercial space’s energy bill as they reduce heat loss and help in controlling the temperature.

Weather Protection

Specific industries need to keep products or equipment safe from external weather conditions. Agricultural warehouses, for instance, need the protection of an extra physical barrier in order to protect supplies from hostile weather conditions and the pests and vermin that closely follow. Industrial roller doors are incredibly resilient.

Be it extreme cold or torrential rains – these doors offer no space for entry. Warehouses with standard doors always need an expert to conduct Garage Door Repairs In Parramatta. Industrial roller doors, however, barely need any form of maintenance as they are robustly built.

Pro Tip – If the region where your commercial space is located is facing substantial amounts of rain, buying aluminium roller doors is the best option because unlike steel roller doors, they don’t rust too easily.

Fire Resistance

Most industrial roller doors are galvanised and coated with fire-resistant materials like plastisol. A lot of manufacturers also provide a fusible link to their doors for added safety. This link detaches if the temperature rises above a certain point, these doors automatically close.

Plus these doors have a high shutter so that fire can be sealed off and contained to limited spaces. These roller doors are thoroughly tested and rated as per their fire-resistance efficiency. A-rated industrial roller doors can contain a fire for almost four hours without losing its structure.

With plenty of helpful features, industrial roller doors are a fantastic investment for commercial space owners. While conventional doors come with the added hassle of contacting a garage door repair company in Parramatta every six months, these durable doors are built to last long. Although the initial charge may be high, the returns on investing in this equipment are guaranteed.