How Jute Bags Are Different From Cotton Bags

There are many ways to be earth friendly, one among them is to choose a biodegradable bag in which you can carry most of your shopping. Jute hessian bags are considered best for carrying the shopping items. Their surface area is mostly coarse and that makes it strong as well as good to touch and feel. Yet, many favour the cotton bags for their daily use. Still there are many elements that make the jute bags better.

Various Benefits Of Jute

  1. Strong

Jute bags tend to be strong and robust in comparison to cotton since the latter is thin and soft, which are not the right standard for making sturdy bags. Jute bags are usually made to perform and the cosmetic applications to it are very rare. Furthermore, the jute bags tend to last longer and there is less wear and tear to them.

  1. Cost

Since jute grows in many tropical nations and the living cost is often lower, which makes the labour cost less and consequently the cost of jute. Cotton production costs a lot and their freight is equally costly. In comparison to the higher grades of cotton-fibre, jute tends to be more cost-effective. Thus, making it a preferred purchase for the cost conscious crowd who cares for environment.

  1. Social impact

As jute cultivation is a labour intensive task, while mechanical harvesting of jute is not practical; it give employment to many. Thus buying jute bags or jute products indirectly help in improving the lives of many in the jute farming community. Furthermore, the plant can withstand the harsh weather as well as it doesn’t get much affected by the insects, which makes it an actual cash crop. Which in return if not makes a farmer rich, it certainly gives good value for money.

  1. Natural

The fibres of jute are absolutely natural and thus it is biodegradable. Once any jute product has reached its expiry date, it can be just buried in a compost pit. This makes jute an element with an exponentially low carbon footprint; which is an excellent thing to start with.

  1. Environment friendly cultivation practices

Jute cultivation rarely use chemical fertilizers. It grows naturally and needs less to no supervision when it is getting ready. This it keeps the soil fertile without mixing any chemicals to it.

  1. Protection against UV

Jute fibres are UV protective, which means they are better than cotton and can be used as a sub-block item to shadow oneself. A big jute bag would always come handy in a sunny day.

  1. Heat Insulation

Items kept in jute bags do not get much affected by heat. This keeping temperature sensitive items in it is much favourable in comparison to the cotton bags.

With such benefits and differences, jute bags will always stand out to be better than cotton bags; when one goes shopping or daily usage. Though, they will be slightly bulky and a bit costly than the cotton bags, but they are worth the money.