How Meditation Helps Heart Disease Prevention


Heart disease is an incredibly prevalent cause of death in America. While for some, this might be a genetic problem, for many others, it is all about lifestyle. Unhealthy eating, a largely sedentary and indoor daily routine, and a general lack of self-care is prevalent in American lifestyles, where comfort and consumerism convince us that our bodies will last for as long as we want them. Heart disease is the sober reality that awaits a lifestyle spent assuming that you are going to live forever. For prevention of these issues, it starts with an individual’s motivation to change. In the Sarasota, Florida area, there are many opportunities to be active, go outside, eat healthily, and do what is best for your heart. Prevention should be at the top of your to-do list if you are worried that you might fall into the categories that so often are affected by heart disease.

One of the major prevention methods that individuals can utilize with little stress or strain is meditation. While other prevention methods might seem impossible and daunting, like maintaining a healthy lifestyle (which can be physically taxing) or eating healthily (which can be expensive), meditation only takes time and intentionality.

Meditation helps prevent heart disease in the Sarasota, Florida area because heart disease is accelerated by the stress hormones that anxiety can produce. If you are working in very stressful environments, as many people have in the past few years, your body will be more predisposed to fall into a dangerous and vulnerable state. Stress sometimes triggers fight-or-flight responses, which can be damaging to your body if sustained for long periods of time. Prevention, in this state, looks like reducing your stress levels and, by extension, the levels of hormones that are in your body wreaking havoc. Meditation helps recenter your focus and decrease stress levels. By focusing on deep breathing techniques, relaxation, and moderate muscle stretching, you are calming your body instead of focusing on being nervous. This simple refocusing can go a long way toward prevention.

If you are looking for a doctor who will help you use both meditation and similar methods to fight for heart disease prevention in Sarasota, Florida, you should reach out to Reveal Vitality. Reveal Vitality looks to assist and encourage prevention methods by taking into account the whole body, not just one aspect of what might be causing your predisposition to heart disease. For a trustworthy partner to walk alongside you in your journey toward heart health, contact Reveal Vitality today.

Reveal Vitality is committed to Sarasota, Florida heart disease prevention , no matter the circumstances.