How Much Does SEO Cost in the United States (USA)?

SEO has rapidly turned into a cutting-edge weapon for survival in this world of online business. To flourish and expand in this technological era, maintaining SEO enhanced website and high-quality content are musts. Top digital marketing agencies around the world have specialized teams dedicated to key-phrases and headlines optimization. SEO packages widely vary from business to business and so do their costs. There are several factors on which the package costs depend:

  • Quality of content: 

Highest quality content still holds its relevance and in all probability, it always will. Generally, the more pages they write for you, the more they charge. But it also depends on the quality and originality of the content. 

Reputed and experienced companies do extensive research with an in-depth understanding to ensure the inclusion of top-ranking SEO keywords and headings and they charge accordingly. The initial expense for making an SEO website starts from $4000 and can go above $10,000. Only 30% of business personnel are satisfied with their SEO agencies.

  • Duration of contract: 

This is the key factor in deciding all SEO packages costs. SEO building for a website is a time-consuming process and thus, the contracts are usually long-term. Hence, after the first bulk investment, the upgrading is performed monthly. In the USA, the charges range from $500-$5000. The more elaborate a website is, the more the charges. 74.71% of SEO firms enter into monthly contracts with their clients. 

  • Time taken: 

Many SEO experts offer their services on an hourly basis. It is perfect for small businesses like start-ups and blogs that may require fewer changes and modifications. In these cases, small, hourly investments for researching SEO keywords based on current search engine algorithm traits and their accurate application often reap the sweetest fruits. 


In America, experts charge $150- $300 per hour for SEO word search and implementation. Do note, that certain topics require more time than others 0.16% of popular keywords consist of ~61% annual word searches. 

  • Link building: 

When running an elaborate website, acquisition, and building of backlinks are essential for the website’s long-term existence in this competitive market. Search engine algorithms are ever-changing and modified every day. Backlinks bring credibility and in turn, earns the trust of the search engines. This automatically results in attaining a higher rank.


The quality of backlinks is also important. The better the quality, the higher the cost and it ranges from $5 per to $500 per link. This is how the website and links of the top businesses are found so easily on the internet search of a few keywords. In more than 55% of business websites, backlinks are completely absent.

  • Current status: 

The cost of SEO packages is also categorized based on the present condition of your website and its current ranking. To shift from a lowly rank to a very superior one needs major changes. Sometimes, it can mean putting up entirely new SEO content and can cost a fortune.


On the other hand, if the website is already well-developed and currently ranks in a fairly good position, upgrading and updating it to keep up with search bots of Google and Yahoo costs an average amount. The expense is around $1500 to $3000. 

The range of business (local, national, or international) can also determine the cost along with the strength and capability of your business rivals. But this cost is not fixed for most SEO agencies and are extremely varied to be put into a specific range. The more widespread your business is, the higher will be the SEO package costs. MNC companies easily spend around $20,000 or more for monthly upgrades.