How Powerful is Facebook in Terms of Marketing

Marketing is crucial for any business whether you are already an entrepreneur or a startup. In the age of the digital boom, every digital platform is offering marketing services. But, Facebook remains strong in the race. Here are 8 reasons to prove how.

1. Target Audience 

Facebook campaigns are audience-specific. There’s a Facebook Custom Audience Tool that enables users to upload lists of contacts like phone numbers, emails, UIDs. Since you can target them with certain ads, entrepreneurs with only a few contacts can enormously grow. One can target a specific audience in terms of their age, gender, interests, location, job and so on.

2. Highly-affordable with maximum visibility 

Facebook is the third most populated online platform. With 1.79 billion active monthly users, if you want to market you want to be where people are. Facebook video views are cheaper than YouTube and advertising on Facebook is cheaper than on Google. Facebook is the most downloaded app and research shows consumers spend 90% of the time on mobile apps.

3. Brand Awareness 

Facebook can act as your PR. Facebook comes with the brand-awareness objective with a combination of real-time proxy metrics, with both the attention and reach users give to a campaign. The result is a brand that gets maximum exposure. For campaigns to have a bigger audience, getting started with this early on is crucial. Whether the campaign is informational or educational, the aim is to capture the attention of people most likely to be interested in your brand.

4. Facebook Live 

Video is growing popular for customer engagement and sharing. Facebook Live took users by storm the time it was launched. Any user can record live videos and share them with friends. There are several advantages a business can gain from this. For example: a behind-the-scenes experience to customers; sneak previews of new products or updates; event promotions; Q & As, etc. Definitely a must-have in Facebook marketing as people spend 3 times longer watching live videos than native content.

5. Chatbots 

After Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of Facebook’s 10-year road map, Facebook Messenger already has a billion active users. Businesses are utilizing Facebook to communicate with their customers. Companies like Shopify have announced that they will let their stores sell directly on Facebook messenger. With more consumers interacting with brands on Facebook, brands will be able to design bots so that conversation and purchasing can be instantaneous.

6. Feedback 

Get quick customer feedback as Facebook allows businesses to simply post a question on their status and watch for the comments. It is great to get an impression of their product and image with a simple tap or click. Such feedback allows businesses to analyze what works and what doesn’t, making it very valuable especially for someone who is a beginner in the world of marketing. 

7. Consumer Psyche 

Consumers can share opinions on products and services. Users can now go through Facebook and endorse businesses within their community simply by hitting the ‘Like’ button. 9 out of 10 consumers take the word of their peers when making a buying decision.

8. Growth 

Facebook is growing every day and the number of users in the last four years has almost doubled. The platform will only keep improving and the future looks very bright. 

With such an exciting time for Facebook, Facebook marketing training for business owners is key.