How Self Love Helps You To Stay Positive

We all live in various types of lives while being the same person. For example- you may be a fun-loving person around your friends at the same time you can be a grave serious person while being at work. We wear these mascots to perform our roles and responsibilities with our best abilities. But, amidst this hustle-bustle of life, we forget to love our own self. We forget that we need to imply some self-love techniques into our lives so that fulfilment and contentment stay with us for a longer period of time.

There can be various ways of practicing self-love in your life. We need to start with our physical and mental well being. If you have been obsessed with your overweight or underweight physique lately, just engage yourself with the right kind of diets and exercises to change what you cannot accept happily. If your focus is not your health but a career, start looking for ways to acquire a skill that can help you in marching ahead in the career. If you have been struggling with household chores, sit for a while and decide in what ways you can seek help and organize your life in the way you want!

These are some of the surface level self-love techniques that will be helpful in making things easier. But we need to learn from the core that how to practice self-love!

How to practice self-love:

There are various ways of practicing self-love. Let us learn about them:

  • Self-love exercises: Start creating some affirmations to boost your confidence in yourself. There are various lines that you can pick up from the internet or can come up with your own affirmative statements to help you in exercising this thought process. It will be better to write these affirmations in the present tense and paying attention to accepting yourself the way you are! For example- if you scored less in an examination- tell yourself that it is ok to scoreless. Maybe it is a matter of interest or a matter of luck. There is something for all of us and instead of focussing on what we cannot do we need to find out what is meant for us. So, it is ok to not score well in an examination!
  • Self-love meditation: Meditation is a methodology to imbibe a certain kind of thought in your mind and subconscious so that you can start and plan your life according to that thought process. It is easy to invite negative thoughts about yourself but with meditation for self-love you will be able to change that negativity into positivity and hopefulness. Find a guided meditation course if you feel that you are not able to focus and change your thought process the way it should be done! There are experts out there that have totally engaged in making their career pathways in this field of guided meditation.
  • Spend time with yourself: Give yourself those 15-20 minutes every day when you just want to be with your own self. Think about your life, ponder upon your thoughts and plan something you want to fall in place. Spending some time with yourself will boost your faith and confidence in your life and also help you in organizing things in a better way.