How To Absolutely Nail Your Office or Restaurant Renovation

So you’ve decided that your office space needed some more life in it, or you simply couldn’t deal with the dated interior design of your restaurant. Now that you know a change needs to be made, you’ll want to ensure that your renovation goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, so you can get back to work with as minimal disruption as possible. This article aims to provide you with the essential tips by Kon-strux Developments for you to nail that office or restaurant renovation, leaving guests and employees happy and comfortable to enter your fresh new space. 

  • Hire an interior designer 

Unless you have experience with interior design, chances are you won’t know the half of it when it comes to designing a fresh, sleek, and most importantly workable, design for your new renovation. In the long run you’ll be saving yourself valuable time, money and stress, leaving this all-important part of the process in the hands of a capable professional. 

Particularly relevant for business owners, you’ll want to be dedicating your time towards other pressing issues. Furthermore, hiring an experienced interior designer will mean you’ll have more access to appropriate contacts and resources as well. 

  • Use existing items where possible 

To help maximise the cost savings of your renovation, you’ll want to retain and refurbish existing items where possible. It is important to discuss this with your interior designer as they can advise as to what can be retained, and what new items need to be purchased. Some items unavoidably need to be replaced, but there are always ways to keep the costs down when renovating. 

For example, you might be redoing the walls, buying new furniture and changing the lighting. However, you could be saving the original doors or floor finishes in your new renovation. Always think of reusing, restoring or renewing items in your existing office or restaurant. 

  • Hire a skip bin 

Waste is a large part of the renovation process, and you need to think of efficient ways of disposing this waste in a safe manner. Skip bins hire will allow you to have an appropriately sized space to dispose of the different types of waste that will come as a result of the renovation. It is also important to ensure you hire the bin for the correct amount of time, as the renovation may last several weeks, and may in fact require the skip to be emptied more than once.

Hiring a skip will also save you time and money. Many business owners may want to try and cut corners and dispose of the waste themselves, but in reality this time consuming process of hiring a trailer, loading the waste, and disposing it at the tip can in fact be more expensive than hiring a skip. 

  • Maintain open communication with everyone involved 

Too often with renovation projects, if one key person is left out or not kept well informed, the entire operation can start to fall apart. It’s imperative that your landlord, any contractors you’ve hired, your employees, and all other stakeholders are kept involved in the project, so that they understand the strategy at hand and the current progress of the renovation.

Not only will this keep all stakeholders happy, it will also encourage useful ideas from people that you may not have expected, leading to a more appropriate renovation that fits the values and desires of your brand. 

These are just 4 of the many tips that you should be following when undertaking an important renovation for your office or restaurant. No matter the size of the space or the project, these specific tips will ensure the renovation process is less stressful and more productive, helping you to achieve what you set out to do.