How to be a modern gentleman

The true meaning of being a gentleman has evolved over time. Historically speaking, this title was not actually based on any action but it was a birthright.

Boys with wealthy parents and good social standing in society were considered gentlemen when they grew up.

But our world has changed a lot since then and so have our views.

Men who worked hard for their own property, and displayed values of hard work and leadershipare considered to be the modern gentleman.

So in today’s world men who hold themselves to a superor standard of conduct and devote their time to values that promote good for society are known as gentleman.

Men who are courteous and treat all women with respect and, are attentive to what a woman wants and needs is also a gentleman.

Another way to describe a gentleman is to consider how he handles himself in hard times and how he treats those around him. Regardless of the situation a true gentleman remans calm and composed even in stressful situations, this aspect makes a gentleman very reliable and trustworthy.

A gentleman will listen without interrupting and will never speak down to anyone.

He will hold his tongue until he determines it is appropriate to speak.

He will praise someone for their good deeds in public and condemn their bad ones in private.

A gentleman is on a constact search to seek out answers and never believes he knows everything.

His behaviour will reflect his competence and willingness to listen and learn from anyone.

A gentleman always has a firm handshake and looks the person in the eye.

Another sign of a modern gentleman is in the way he dresses and conducts himself.

Being a gentleman is a how every man can become a powerful man in life; it’s the best way to gain the respect, admiration and applause that one seeks from people.

It will also turn you into a man that is loved, and respected by women,  your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Take the step towards following what it means to become a gentleman, and you’ll find yourself on a journey of enlightenment.

Many gentlemen have left behind their legacy and words of wisdom, follow in their footsteps and you too will make a huge impact on the world.

To become a modern gentleman, dress like one and behave like one.