How to be a Wing Woman for a man!!

Guys hanging around with other lads and sharing secrets about love, attraction etc. is a common phenomenon. Then there’s a guy, also called as wingman, who helps his friend out in approaching the girl or come closer to her. But, this is quite old school. 

Nowadays, you have wing women emerging as a hot culture to adopt. Men can confide in these wing women and take their help to get success with the girl of their choice. Wing women are equally good for females too. They go out with you and coach you for your attempts to lure a boy you dream of. They also guide you on how do you get a man to want you

Even you might be ambitious about helping your male friends but not pretty sure on how to be a wingwoman for a man. Here are the tips to be a perfect one.

  • Introduce him to your friends:

As you have a large group of female friends whom you often meet during social gathering. Try and introduce your male friend to them. Let him socialize with them. Present him as close to you but not hooked up with you, so that those who might take interest in him are open to do so.

  • Coach him about things related to women:

Men though think they are experts in everything but when it comes to dating a women, gets a little uncertain. As a wing woman you should help your male friend with this uncertainty, teach him things about women. Let him know about their likes, conversations that the women enjoy and other intricate things which helps.

  • Make him more confident when around beautiful women:

Most men, when come in contact with beautiful and confident women, start feeling insecure and nervous. Help your friend in knowing how to deal with them and present himself as an attractive and welcoming personality.

  • Promote him:

Praise and promote your guy friend in the best possible way and in front of the right woman. This will open many doors for him to get an amazing one in his life.

Wingwomen goes a long way in settling down the relationships and even finding the matches.