How to Become a Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor may seem to be simple, but is not an easy task. There are some skills required to become a successful instructor. It’s a good career option who loves to drive independently and teach their skills to others. If you are also interested in building your career as a driving instructor the then the following guide might help you with the same

How to become an instructor?

These tips might help you if you aspire to become a business instructor.

  • Apply to become an instructor

Before starting your career as a =n instructor you have to register in the Driving and vehicle standard agency. To register you must be above 21 years old and must have a driving license for 3 years and shouldn’t have any conviction.

  • Get a trainer

To become a driving instructor officially no training is required before applying for the ADI Test, but if you want to be a specialist in your career, the test would be difficult for you to pass without any kind of training.

  • Theory Test (ADI part 1)

Take a driving license for the test. This is a theory test and should be cleared. First, you will find a multi-choice test. The total number of questions here is 100 and you have to score 80% to be eligible. Next is the hazard perception test. You will be given 14 video clips of everyday road scenes, which would be having developing hazards. You need to spot the hazards. Here you need to complete 76% of the test.

  • Driving ability Test

This test takes one hour. Here driving ability, eyesight, Maneuvers. To get passed in ADI part 2 one needs to record less than 6 faults and no dangerous faults. The examiner will tell you your faults and. If you fail you get another chance. A total of 3 attempts can be made. If you fail you have to wait for 2 years before sitting for ADI 2 test again. You can also take DVSA special test. DVSA is a higher standard test and here your skills will be tested to the higher standards.

Hope this guide on becoming a driving instructor has helped you in finding information about the procedure to become a driving instructor.