How To Best Choose a Caterer For Your Event?

Choosing the correct Catering Service for your events can be a hard decision or time consuming especially when you want to make your event to be special and operate accordingly to what you have planned as well as making sure your event is one to remember. Some things you should always look for when it comes to researching event caterers, these caterers can be DJ’s, event staff, design teams, bartenders, and cooks. Having the ability to have everything go as planned will make everything easier on you for your custom event catering especially when it comes to bigger events such as Weddings, Graduations, Baby Showers and so much more.

First idea to keep in mind when you’re researching your options for catering services for your events, is to establish what type of event you are planning on having as well as how many people you are expecting to show up. After you get all the numbers of people who are planning on coming, then you’ll have to determine if you need an event planner to help gather more information needed for your event caterer such as what types of food your planning on wanting for your guests. Other key factors in planning your events would be what size venue you need or are planning on having the event at, then if you want a DJ or any type of entertainment for your guests. Having an event planner will help you with making sure you have thought about everything you need or want for your event without worrying about anything or over thinking all the small and big details of your event.

When your talking details over with your event planner always remember to pick out the location of your event because that’s one of the biggest roles in picking out the best catering staff for your event. Determining how many catering staff you need as well as how big the venue is, should be number 2 on your list for your event planner. Picking out the right size venue will also help the catering staff determine how quickly and accessible making and preparing food will be for you and your guests, especially if you want over 300+ people at your event, this will make things less chaotic for you, your guests as well as the catering staff. Making sure your event planner keeps in mind when choosing the correct catering staff for your event is the caterers capability to stay on task and making sure your event goes smoothly and as planned.

The next step after determining what you want to take place at your event with you event planner should be the food process, ask your guests if any of them have any types of food allergies or if they don’t like certain things. But always be mindful of having an array of food selections that’ll suit you and your guests best, having platters of multiple foods such as food trays like veggies trays, cheese and crackers trays and dessert trays will help make your event food planning less stressful. Once your done determining food preferences from your guests, picking out the right cooks, chefs and caterers will be another thing you and your event planner must consider. When it comes to picking out the right chef for the job to cook and serve your guests the right food, always ask them how they would solve any type of problems or how well they can perform under pressure if your event consists of over 300 + people.

Multiple different aspects of planning your event comes into effect when your planning on having either a buffet, sit down dinners or needing bar staff. Many of these factors should be determined when you are planning out your event with your event planner, if your planning on having a buffet the that’ll require more catering staff members as well as for sit down dinners. When it comes to desserts, this planning should be determined by how many people are coming to your event as well as following everything you’ve wanted to go with your plans. Custom event catering might seem time consuming but with a little help from event planners and coordinators to help you, your event should go as planned.