How To Build a strong foundation for the students

The right education policy impacts early childhood education. It has been seen from the year 2005 that the children’s arithmetic and reading levels are going down, which is a situation of concern. Its 2020 now, around half of children studying in standard V in rural India are still unable to read the text of standard II. You must be agreeing with this that such findings are really showing how students are coping with the bad education system.

Children as a move to higher grades learn new things. Till now, there are no strong urgent cases presented that show the importance of strong foundations of learning a basic level. Therefore, it is essential to recognize, understand, and accept the problem and find the relevant solutions. The School in Anna Nagar, The Sun Smart Foundation International School, is changing many students’ lives by building a strong educational foundation.

You must be asking here what strong foundation generally includes for the students. Well, the foundation skills are related to the core activities for achieving literacy and numeracy. The strong foundation should be built in the early years so that the children can quickly leap forward. The aim of The Sun Smart Foundation School, which is the best international School in Anna Nagar, is to create a rising path of learning for the students. We consider the early years of age 3 to 8 as a foundational stage because children of this age are flexible, multi-faceted, activity-based, and soak all the knowledge.

What about the foundation skills in primary grades?

Parents who aspire to their children towards education are playing their role right. Those children, who didn’t have the advantage of a good start of education in early years, require having a durable and robust mechanism as they move to higher grades. According to the dNEP, schools and classroom curriculum, as well as schedules starting from Grade 1 to 5, should be redesigned. And, this is necessary because schools must have to focus on foundational literacy and numeracy.


It’s the responsibility of schools and parents to follow the policy that sets a broad goal towards children’s education and suggest the course of action. Moreover, it specifies the frameworks and direction required for creating the roadmap for achieving the goals. Hence, The Sun Smart Foundation International School, present as best School in Chennai, is working towards creating students’ bright future.