How to Buy Mil Spec Paracord

It can be confusing to buy Mil-Spec Paracord. There are so many options out there, you want to make sure you are getting the right stuff. I’m going to provide some buying tips.  For genuine Mil Spec paracord, buy from Tough Grid.

If you are considering buying mil-spec paracord, the first thing to do is get your facts straight. There is a lot of information on how to buy mil-spec paracord and all of it is wrong. The truth is that if you follow any one of the ways that most people think about buying mil-spec paracord, then you will get the wrong result.

The best way to buy mil-spec paracord has nothing to do with the military; it’s an approach developed by business people. It’s also not a “secret”; it’s simply an observation about how people make decisions like this.

The problem with most strategies for buying mil-spec paracord is that they all focus on price or quality. And price and quality are both secondary factors in determining how good a piece of mil-spec paracord you’re going to get. That’s because what really matters is whether the vendor actually understands what makes a good paracord and how that affects their ability to make high-quality mil-spec paracord.

The people who understand this best are outdoorsmen and outdoors women who have been around long enough to see patterns emerge from the noise of individual experience.

There are various sites on the internet that sell Mil-Spec paracord. However, the difference in quality between these products is actually quite significant. Many of these sites sell paracord that does not meet mil-spec standards and is therefore inferior to the real thing. The following are some tips for buying this product.

Where do you buy it?

Many online stores claim to sell genuine mil-spec cords. If you want to ensure that you are getting a good mil-spec paracord, you need to ensure  the store has a good reputation and high sales volumes. This will mean that they are more likely to have access to higher-quality products. It will also mean that if there are problems with your purchase, you will have an easier time resolving them.

It’s also important to double-check the source of the product before you make your purchase. Many sites simply take their materials from China or other manufacturing destinations. While this appears like a bargain, it may not be worth it if the materials aren’t actually up to standard. You should check with the manufacturer directly before making your purchase, if possible, to confirm this information.

When comparing different sellers of paracord, it is essential to consider the material and construction of the cord. Paracord is made from nylon and, in most cases, a polyester or polyethylene filler. This makes it lightweight and robust.

It can be purchased in various colors and with various additions like UV protection and reflective strands.

Because nylon melts at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit, paracord can become frayed or weakened if exposed to heat. When purchasing mil-spec paracord, look for heat-treated nylon to ensure that heat will not damage it.

Paracord is often woven in a three-strand braid known as the Möbius configuration. The additional strength provided by this configuration helps it to resist damage when used under heavy stress. This is the configuration most commonly found in commercial paracord.

When purchasing a commercial paracord, make sure that you are getting Mil-Spec 550 Type III Nylon Cordage. This means that the cord has been tested for quality and strength by an accredited laboratory.


As we can see, purchasing mil-spec paracord will depend on certain factors. The cost and quality of the cord are essential, but they aren’t the only things at play here. Where you buy it from will be a significant determining factor as well. That is why some companies will have one price for their site orders and then a second price for those who walk into a retail store or outlet. Wherever you purchase from will impact how much money you pay for your cord, so do all the research you can first to know what to expect.