How to check for bathroom leaks

The bathroom leaks can be particularly annoying especially if you don’t know the source. The first sign and indicator that there has been a plumbing leak in the bathroom are that you will find the presence of water stains at the room ceiling which is directly below the bathroom. It’s an indication that the leak has caused considerable damage in the hidden areas and you would need to call best local plumber for fixing the leak issue.

Most of the plumbing leaks in the bathroom occur near the plumbing fixtures such as shower enclosures, bathtubs, toilets and sinks. In such cases, you must take out time to look for indications and signs which can suggest possible leaks and thus save from expensive future repair bills on those accessories.

Checking for the various bathroom leaks

The bathroom leaks can occur in different places and through different accessories. Here we will discuss how to check the different bathroom accessories for leaks.

Shower leaks

It is recommended that you must keep checking the seals in and around the shower regularly because this is the place where the undetected leak can cause more serious and critical plumbing problems. This can lead to major damage if the water is leaking constantly and coming in contact with the adjoining floor or wall. If left unattended this can lead to a bigger and you are likely to incur expensive plumbing repair costs which could require comprehensive renovation work.

The joists and the wooden floorboard are particularly prone to the swelling and this will eventually lead to them rotting. This will lead to the necessity of replacing it which can be potentially very expensive so that the work can start promptly towards the damaged area. You must make sure that you check the shower doors, rubber seal conditions and look for gaps especially at the place where the floor meets the shower tray.

The bathroom floor leaks

The vinyl flooring in the bathroom is very prone to the rot and often curls at the edges due to the prolonged exposure to the water. The tiled floors on the bathroom can leak via cracked tiles or the problems with grouting. If this is the case then you must make use of the services of an insured plumber because the problems in the tiling work and bathroom renovations have the potential to cause big damage.

Tap leaks

The leaks that are found around the taps often leads to an area which is hidden and so in such cases the detection of the leak can prove to be difficult. The deteriorating areas of the silicone and damaged seals around the taps, as well as faucets, will enable the water to seep across and cause damage to the below area. In the basins and sinks, it is relatively easier to have a precise view and know what’s going on beneath the sink. In this scenario, the pouring of excess water across the top of the tap area then checking the below area is the simplest method of detecting the leak here.