How To Choose an Engagement Ring? Learn the types of engagement rings based on your personality

Diamonds are forever, and so is your engagement ring. Though with so many types of diamond ring designs offered, it can be confusing to choose the perfect one. The perfect ring is not the one that is trendy or worn by current fashion icons, instead it is the one that complements your style.

Everyone has preferences different than the others, and this should be kept in mind while choosing the ring. There are romantic ones who adore classic love stories and binge-watch chick flicks on weekends, such people might prefer dainty vintage rings. Whereas a fashion-savvy lady who loves to track down all the latest trends might prefer an offset ring design like an emerald cut diamond. A lady with an athletic background might prefer to keep it clean and comfortable with a marquise ring.

Isn’t it fascinating to know how your lifestyle and traits affect the ring you wear? And when you choose the ring or customise it based on your style, you wear it with a different confidence. Based on some common traits of personality, we have brought a few ring suggestions for you.

  1. A solitaire ring for a classic fashion personality – If you are someone who likes it all classy, then you should consider a solitaire ring. The simple sleek and traditional appearance of solitaire makes it the most popular choice for engagement rings. These rings never go out of style. However, if you want, you can change it a bit based on the jewel fashion.
  2. A halo ring for a glamorous personality – A halo ring makes a perfect choice for a person who likes it all glamorous, fancy, and captivating. A halo ring comes with a centre diamond stone that is surrounded by multiple small diamonds in a circle to enhance the sparkle and make it appear larger. It is the one ring that will stand out and light up the room. This ring will indicate your regal style even when you are in sweatpants.
  3. A silver diamond ring for a quirky personality – If your choices are usually unique and quirky, then you must go for this modern design of engagement rings, that is a silver diamond ring. Generally, the steel used is stainless steel, and it carries a trendy appeal.
  4. A retro ring for a romantic personality – If you are a romantic soul, then you must go for a vintage ring that comes with dainty bands, intricate designs, and antique patterns. Such a ring is one of a kind as it cannot be replicated easily due to its dainty designs.

While choosing an engagement ring, there will be various people giving different suggestions, like family members asking you to go for a traditional design, friends telling you to go for the latest style, etc. But remember it is about you and your partner, so before you bookmark pages on your laptop for engagement ring options, study your traits and then plan.