How to Choose Tents for Camping


The word ‘tent’ is enough to spark interest in almost anyone. The fun of being in the open, the serenity of being in the nature, etc make it very interesting. However, there are certain determining factors. You should consider these factors while making your camping decisions. In this blog, we will talk about one such factor which is ‘How to choose tents for camping’. 

Choosing the correct tent can make or spoil your whole camping experience. And we have prepared a short list of things which you shall tick off before finalising. Let’s have a look.

  • The Weather: The weather of your camping site plays a very important role. If you are expecting normally hot or cold temperatures and clear weather, go for a normal tent. But if you feel the probability of rain, it is better to choose a water-proof tent or a rainfly. For extreme weathers, 4-season sturdy tents are the only option. Know more about 3 season vs 4 season tents in this post.
  • The location: If your camping site is after a difficult trek, travelling light may be a good idea. But if the site is sure to have tough weather conditions, you will have to carry the weight of a sturdy tent. You can also carry set-up for a vestibule to store additional things for remote locations. 
  • Space and Number of People: If the number of people is more, you obviously need more tents. Or you can manage in a single but bigger tent. Other option can be to have connected tents. The connected tents are also of various types. They can be different in terms of shape, connection, etc. Learn how to connect two tents together in this post.
  • Type of Tent: If you want something different in tents, you can go for a connected tent. Such tents are also a good idea if you are travelling with friends and family. If you choose them, you will be able to stay closer to them yet have some privacy.
  • Weight: All the tents differ in terms of their weights. Some are heavier because of factors like weather-suitability, sturdiness, capacity, etc. So, you need to consider all these factors and then decide on the type of tent. You can also decide to have 2 or more tents if you are not travelling solo. You can then connect them and have both the options. In other words, you can either connect them or pitch them up separately. 
  • Method of Set-up: The method of setting up the tent may differ more or less. It depends on the shape of the tent, capacity, connected or solo tent, etc. In all these types, it is always better to read the manual before deciding. You should also practice setting up the tent few times before actually taking it on camp.

Tents are one of the most important aspects of camping. They serve as a place to sleep. But they also serve as a guard against weather and elements of the wild. This is why, you should try to not compromise with the ideal tent type. Happy camping!

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