How to Choose the Most Suitable VPS Hosting for Your Website?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is among the most agile and cost-effective hosting platforms for all types of sites, especially if it’s Linux VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting in India is considered as the next-level hosting solution for new websites. There are many options available, from cheap VPS Hosting plans to top-of-the-line systems. With so many choices, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the best VPS Server for your website.

The full root access offered by VPS Hosting providers gives you more control over your website’s hosting and enables you to tune it for better performance and implement stronger security. But not all VPS Hosting providers offer the same level of performance and features. It is up to you to choose a good VPS Hosting service from all the available options of web hosting in India.

Here’s how you can choose the most suitable VPS Hosting for your website.

  1. Check the uptime offered

Uptime is a good measure to check the reliability and stability of a hosting service. It is the amount of time a website remains up and available for its users without going down unexpectedly. Most hosting providers assure 99.9% uptime. But there are those which promise 99.99% uptime. It makes a lot of difference. Be aware that 99.99% uptime will cost you more than 99.9% uptime. But the difference that it makes is worth the extra cost for high-traffic websites like social media sites and eCommerce portals.

  1. Ask for high performance

Though all VPS Hosting providers will provide you with a fast hosting platform, some will offer you more performance with better infrastructure and setup. Choose a VPS Hosting provider who uses premium hardware and maintains its infrastructure on a regular basis. Better maintained hardware always offers peak performance. If you’re unsure about a provider, check their customer reviews. They will go beyond all the marketing spiel to give you a clearer picture of their real-world performance.

  1. Get the best security

Performance and stability aside, security is the single-most-important parameter of website hosting. If a provider offers good performance but cannot assure you complete security, such service is of no use for your website. A hacking attack or a data breach will have dual effects; you will lose your users’ data and their confidence in your business, and you will lose business until you can clean out the malware and get your website back up again. In this case, prevention is much better than any cures. Pay extra if you have to, but make sure that you get the best security for your website.

  1. Ensure customer support

Good customer support assures you of quick resolution of issues. But the biggest advantage of live support is the rapid response it offers in case of an attack or data breach. Make sure that your VPS Hosting provider delivers 24X7 live performance.

  1. Get a good balance of cost and features

Cost should probably be the last consideration while choosing VPS Hosting. But it is a consideration, nonetheless. Explore multiple options before choosing one to make sure that you are getting the best balance of price and performance.

The hosting requirements of every website are different. Therefore, make it a point to assess the specific needs of your site to understand the features you need with your VPS Hosting plan. You also need to compare the VPS Hosting plans of different providers before you settle on one. 

Check out the following video which highlights the mistakes you should avoid while choosing a VPS Hosting Server –