How to covert HEIC to JPG online

We can find online wide variety of formats that we typically use when working with photos. Let’s say Apple’s so-called HEIC format is able to save these photos at about half the size of a conventional JPEG.

Of course, this HEIC we are referring to here is a more modern format, so this compression capacity hardly affects the visual quality of the image, among other things; Apple itself has made it the standard format for camera photography on its popular iPhones for some time.

At the same time, however, not all programs under Windows are currently able to open and work with these files. Hence, we may need to review a HEIC photo in JPG or some other similar format, and on the same lines online search will suggest a number of websites and programs to help you with these file conversion tasks. This way we can take the annotated HEICs as a basis and convert them to other more popular ones in a few seconds Websites That Let You Convert HEIC Files to JPG online

MiConv online converter that specialize in convert HEIC to other popular formats like JPG.


To start, we’re going to talk about one of the most popular websites that is capable of working with a wide variety of photo formats. What is attractive, and what interests us in this case, is that it has the ability to convert HEIC files to JPG format. To do this, it is enough for us to access the official website via this link in order to pull the corresponding file.

One advantage we find here is the enormous number of compatible formats that we can find, and not just photographic.


As with the previous suggestion, MiConv makes it much easier for us to convert HEIC files to other more common and common ones. To do this, all you need to do is access the service from your browser using this link. that’s not all, but in addition to dragging the photo file, we find another important advantage here, namely the ability to adjust certain parameters in the output file, here we can adjust the size of the photo and the DPI, the type of coloring, etc.

To access and test this conversion suggestion that we will talk about in these lines, you can do so through this link. It’s MiConv, another powerful photo converter with support for HEIC format; you will find many parameters that you can use to customize this conversion. In this case, the options are more limited. In fact, we can only adjust the size of the output image and choose the appropriate output format.