How to deal with drain clogs

Glendale, a famous city in Southern California, is located at the junction of two valleys. It attracts residents and businesses with outstanding schools, excellent business locations, and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. The most common issue many homes in Glendale faces is a clogged drain. Skilled professionals help homeowners to clean their clogged drains in Glendale, CA. It starts as a minor issue but slowly blocks the pipes and becomes a significant problem. A clogged drain can lead to sewage backup and flooding. It is unsafe to try unclogging the drains without the help of professional drain cleaners.

What causes drain clogs?

Most bathroom drain clogs occur when hair, skin flakes, dirt, and soap scum accumulate in the drain and reduce the water flow through the drain. Hair and soap scum need to be removed from the bathroom drain. Hair knots up and combines with soap scum and grease to form stubborn clogs.

Clogged toilets cause big trouble. It happens when people try to flush down things that do not dissolve or break apart in the water. They include pre-moistened diaper wipes, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, and cotton swabs. Feminine products and cotton swabs do not break down or dissolve. In addition, dense, bulky, or stringy material is not to be flushed in the toilets because they absorb water, become nearly ten times their size, and cause clogs.

The drain in the kitchen sink clogs when cooking oil or grease cake on the drain pipe walls. Detergent scum and food particles add to it to form a stubborn clog. Food particles and grease are not to be thrown down the kitchen drain. Moreover, tea leaves and coffee grounds do not break up and tend to clog the drain. Liquid grease must be kept in closed containers and put in the trash. When poured into the drain, they solidify and cause clogs.

How to clear drain clogs?

Homeowners can try unclogging minor clogs by using a plunger or auger. Clearing hair and buildup from a simple sink is easy. However, if people try to remove major clogs, it may lead to other problems. A professional is required to unclog the drains and make water flow properly through the drain pipes.

Benefits of hiring a professional plumber to unclog drains

When drains clog frequently, it indicates a more significant problem. Sometimes pipes break or misalign and cause more trouble. Plumbers troubleshoot the issue and identify the reasons for the clog. They spot the larger problems accompanying the clog and rectify them.

A plumber has the tools and knows how to unclog drains without causing damage to the surroundings. They troubleshoot fast because they know the technique to do it. They do not waste time trying to locate the problem areas.

A clog that looks simple can quickly become a plumbing emergency. Homeowners may not know about tree roots blocking the drain or corrosions that can cause clogs. Professional plumbers conduct inspections and identify the exact reason for the clog.

Plumbing professionals in Glendale can get the job done quickly and efficiently. They have the tools and equipment to complete the task smoothly. Moreover, in case of repeated clogs, they help to identify the main issue and prevent clogs in the future.

Certified plumbers help homeowners to unclog clogged drains in Glendale, CA. People who experience drain clogs at home need to contact them soon before the problem becomes significant. An unaddressed clogged drain leads to foul odor and further complications. Professional plumbers unclog drains quickly and save time and money for homeowners.