How To Enhance Your Property Through Virtual Staging

Many tips can enhance the property. The common point between these different solutions: virtual staging which must represent a modest investment, between 0.5 and 4% of the selling price of the property. A profitable operation considering the many benefits that can be derived from it:

· A Faster Real Estate Sale

With Home staging, buyers can decide faster because they no longer have to evaluate or have the work done. However, speeding up a deal has many advantages, such as reducing the borrowing period if you have taken out a bridge loan.

·Better Positioning on the Real Estate Market

If several properties with the same characteristics as yours are on sale in the neighbourhood, your purchase may be compromised. Home staging can then be decisive to position oneself in front of the competition.

How To Achieve Virtual Home Staging

If professionals have embarked on this niche, it is quite possible to improvise “Home stager”. A home staging project usually takes place in 4 stages:

·Clean the Space

Exit the Norman family wardrobe or the five-seater sofa: it is necessary to reduce the furniture to its strict minimum to show the volumes. It may sound obvious, but it’s better when you say it: your interior must be neatly tidied up and cleaned to make you want.

·Make Small Repairs

A wallpaper is torn off, a plinth off, a gate that no longer closes: even if the repairs seem benign, it should not be the dead end. The buyer must feel that the house is sold in perfect condition.

·Help the Buyer to Project Himself

The buyer does not necessarily share your passion for ancient pottery. And he might have seen a third room in the room where you set up your sewing workshop. The housing must be depersonalized. Each piece must have a function. The distribution must be consistent with the surface.

·Attempt to Provoke the Crush

Depersonalized does not mean without personality. The first impression is often, and some simple furniture or decorations can give a lot of charm and character to your home. Hinged furniture, a cleaned fireplace, a landscaped garden: you can invest a little more money by small touches. However, make sure that the chosen decoration is in harmony with the history of the place. We can not imagine an industrial loft in an old farmhouse.