How to Ensure that Your Piano Becomes the Family’s Treasured Heirloom

Families that possess a treasured heirloom are considered lucky. It is because people believe that passing down family heirlooms are their ancestors’ way of thinking about them. If you think about it, there was not only one generation but many of them have protected a ring or a pearl necklace to make sure that the current generation of the family can possess it. One might say that it is more than being thoughtful, rather it can also be a tool to ensure that the next family generation that possesses it would not get poor. Considering the age of the treasured heirloom, the price value of it increases every year! Therefore, if you are one of those families that have a family heirloom, you should consider yourself very lucky and learn how to cherish it! In many cases, family heirlooms take many shapes and sizes. It can range from jewellery to musical instruments. The latter is more challenging to preserve, especially if it is as big as a piano. Although there are piano shops in Singapore that you can trust who can help you in maintaining your precious artefact, you still have to do your part of protecting it.

The good thing about displaying or playing a musical loved one’s favourite instrument is a meaningful way to remember them. However, some families would forbid anyone to touch a treasured instrument since they do not want to take the risk of breaking it through an accident. What they do is they lock it inside a storage room where no one can see or even touch it. For professionals, they will disagree with this practice. Instead, they will encourage these families to use them often, if not, every day.

In this article, you will learn about the importance of family heirlooms and how you can do your part in preserving your family’s piano with the help of piano maintenance!

Importance of Family Heirlooms

In Singapore, it is not impossible to find many families that have an item that has been passed down from many generations. However, the question of what makes this one item so significant is asked by plenty of people too. Let these reasons be the answer:

Creation of legacy

One of the most common reasons why people collect family heirlooms is to help create a legacy. If you are a big history buff, then you would know how many remarkable people have created an exquisite architecture to show that they were the ruling family of their time. Some have even created an immense mausoleum of white marble to show their love for their partner! If your family has passed down a well-crafted piano to you, then you should honour their memory and make sure that they live on by getting maintenance services.

A connection to the past generation

Even when you do not know the names of your great-grandparents, a family heirloom can connect you to them. Let your mother or father tell stories about the owner of your piano. It will surely help in connecting your generation from their generation. You will also learn to be appreciative of the item, especially now that you know how important it was to your departed grandparents. In short, the piano serves as a connection for you and your ancestors!

Keep memories alive

When people visit your home, and they see that you own a piano, you can expect that they will ask questions about it. Everyone finds family heirlooms fascinating, and it is the stories behind them that help keep the memories of your ancestors alive! Do not be afraid to display them in your home because it is probably what your family would want anyway.

How to Preserve the Condition of Your Piano

You are one of the lucky people who no longer need to buy a piano to learn, and it is all thanks to your family! With this, it is now your responsibility to ensure that it is still alive even when you are no longer alive so that your children and their children can enjoy it as well. Here are some ways that you can do to ensure that you are adding more years to the life of your family’s piano:

Tune your piano regularly

Piano manufacturers recommend that you keep your piano tuned regularly. They mean that you should get piano tuning services at least once a year. Professional musicians will tell you that a piano’s pitch falls every year due to swelling and contraction that its soundboard makes. More than that, your piano experiences changes in temperature and humidity in a year. Tuning them regularly will help them stabilise with the season.

Place them away from sunlight

The appearance of your piano also has value, and it should be protected as it can also damage the way it produces sound. As much as possible, you should not place it in direct sunlight. You will also notice this in piano rental stores in Singapore. They are always kept at a consistent temperature and humidity.

Play them every day

It takes more than looking at your piano to notice its problems. You will also have to play it to determine small problems that could potentially become bigger unless it is fixed immediately. A way to do that is to play it every day or regularly! You will receive more enjoyment from it, too.

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