How to ensure your robotic systems are efficient and effective

“Are robotic welding cells efficient and cost-effective production system?” is a common question we hear in the business.

While most robotic system businesses would undoubtedly shout yes, this is not always the case. The many elements of automation must be considered when answering the question of how to install a system quickly and successfully.

Automation’s productivity benefits, including the increased work rate, cycle times, and continuous production, are well-known. If this increase in work rate is coupled with a higher degree of quality and consistency in the output product, as well as enhanced worker safety features for welders and operators, the evidence leans strongly towards a favourable response.

Who and how they will look after the robot system, programs, electrical control system, services, maintains and updates the robots may be a stumbling block?

The opportunity to make the most of the robot system is not only to invest in the automation but also in the team that operates it. Engineers are being urged to progress and enhance their skill set through Continued Professional Development and training more frequently.

The company hopes that increased engagement will lead to greater productivity, new revenues, and a more robust system. The main objective of the project is to develop an engaging experience for buyers through the use of mobile technology.

By allowing engineers to get the most out of their robotic systems, as well as expanding and updating employees’ skillsets relating to robotic welding systems, industrial companies can maximize their ROI. This increased training also contributes to the development of a more sophisticated engineering culture, promotes system ownership, and fosters a more forward-thinking and advanced business.

At the end of the day, it’s about fostering an innovation culture in your organization by empowering engineers and operators with control and responsibility for robotic systems. It allows them to grow and make changes in the manufacturing process that result in enhanced performance, growth, and profit for the company.

In conclusion, investing intelligently in both hardware and staff training will provide a highly efficient and effective manufacturing process, thanks to robotic systems. Cyber-Weld is proud of its ability to deliver the full robotic package for standard and bespoke robotic welding solutions as well as robotic programming, welding, offline programming, and service and maintenance.

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