How To Fix The Urinalysis And Where To Buy A Synthetic Replacement

Are you facing the workplace drug test? Is it that time of the year when your employer is trying to find out if someone has been using drugs? You understand that you have to come up with an idea how to pass the test, right? It’s time to learn everything there is about the urine test and how to overcome the problem.

What is the urinalysis?

The urinalysis or the urine test as it is commonly known is one of the few narcotic tests that are usually performed for the employers’ needs. It can be performed in a special room at work or directly at the hospital or in the lab. If it is performed in another place than the laboratory, the sample is then going to be taken to the lab for further analysis.

This test can find out the drug usage of the workers for were using it in the last 30 days. Depending on the narcotic substance and the amount of consumption, the worker can either be clean for a few days or show positive results after almost a month. That’s why you need to know more about it. See more about the drugs and the urine test on this link.

The narcotics that are staying the most in our system are the products of cannabis, also known as marijuana. Even though it is one of the drugs that has the least bad effect on the human brain and body, it is still the one that has the longest half-life and stays the longest. That means it can be seen on the test most easily.

Some of the worst drugs that do tremendous damage with just one take intake, like heroin and cocaine, have the shortest half-life and they will completely disappear after a day or two.

So, if you’ve been smoking some pot and you’re facing the urinalysis maybe it’s time to think about doing something about it. There are two main options if you don’t have a month to spend on abstinence and waiting for it to flush by itself. Read to see what they are?

Using a synthetic replacement

The easiest and fastest way to get over the problem is by using fake pee, or synthetic replacement for urine. There are lots of products like this on the market. You just need to know where to get one. Learn more about the best places on the link we provided.

The fake urine is being used in the adult industry but a lot of people find it great for fixing their problem. It is a liquid that is made exactly like the urine. It has the same ingredients, it looks the same, smells the same, and it even tastes the same but it’s better not to test this part because the experience won’t be very pleasant.

What you need to do when using something like this is to simply switch the samples when you’re going to be on the test. The lab practitioners will expect you to visit the toilet and provide a sample of yours. They are not going to look at what’s happening inside so you can just give them the one that you bought instead of taking a leak in the cup.

Beware of the problems facing here. You need to make the liquid heated to the perfect temperature. The practitioners won’t measure the exact number but they’ll easily see if it is 5-10 degrees colder or hotter than the real thing. If they realize something’s wrong, they’ll give you a fail grade right away without even make you do the test. The best option would be to give you another shot and make you hand over a real urine sample of yours this time.

Working on detoxification

The second way is to exercise and help your body detoxify inside. The system sees the illegal substance just like something that is garbage and needs to be taken outside. However, it’s not easy cleaning it all. You need to help your organs battle against the narcotic substances.

What you have to do is stop taking the drugs and start exercising. Drinking a lot of water is also one of the most important issues in this case. The water is crucial in detoxifying the body because it is the main ingredient used to flush the toxins.

Physical activity is also important. With it, your body will sweat and through the sweat, you’ll take out some of the toxins too. To make up for the loss of liquids, you have to drink a lot of water, just like we said. Exercise and water always go together if you want to do a great job.

It takes around 10 to 14 days to be completely clean. If you use some detox drinks, you can do it even faster. The more you work out, the better chance you’ll have. Still, don’t make yourself get on the verge of complete burnout thinking that you can do everything in 3 days. It’s a process that takes time and there’s nothing you can do about that fact.


As you can see, fixing the urinalysis is not hard, but you need to know how to do it. The facts are presented above and it’s up to you how you’re going to solve the problem. If you don’t like harsh cheating, you can go with the second option which also trying to get around the rules but in a different way.

It is essential to know that getting a positive result on this may cost you your job. It can even cost you your career because after your file is marked with the information that you’ve been sacked because of drug use, you’ll have slim to none chances to be employed again in the same area. No employer will want to have anything with someone that has been using drugs. Even if that means only smoking a joint at a party during the weseekend. So, be careful about it.