How to Get any Android Cell Phone Installed and Monitored with TheOneSpy App

TheOneSpy is a high-tech cell phone tracking app that enables the end-user to supervise the use of any android mobile phone or tablet. Once you install a cell phone with the spyware app, you can monitor and operate it anytime and from anywhere. The app comes with a web portal through which the user can send commands to the targeted phone. By installing the TOS Navigator app on your cell phone you can operate the android phone of your target. Read on to know more about this interesting android cell phone spy app.

Installation of TheOneSpy

The cell phone surveillance app is particularly designed for parents and employers to keep track of phone activities of their kids and workers. To take advantage of the spyware, you need to install it on the targeted phone. If you are trying to monitor your kid’s phone, you need to get install the spy app on his phone.

Subscribe the android monitoring app from the official website of TheOneSpy. Download the apk file and install on the targeted device following the user-friendly installation process that is explained in video tutorials on the website of the monitoring solution. However, before the software purchase, make sure your android device is compatible with the software. The software is compatible with Sony, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Haier, HTC, Huawei and all other mobile phones running Android OS 5 to 9.

How to Monitor Android Phone with TheOneSpy

After installation on the targeted device, the spy software gets access to data stored on the phone and uploads to the online portal of TheOneSpy. The end-user of the app can access the data by logging into the online portal. You can also install TOS navigator app on your phone to get rid of repeated logins to the web portal. The navigator app lets you operate the targeted android handset from you own mobile phone. Given are the features of the surveillance software that explain how an android handheld can be tracked with TOS.

SMS Tracker

The messages received and transmitted via targeted cell phone can be read direct through the navigator app. The spy app creates an online backup of text messages, so the deleted chats could also be retrieved anytime.

Call Recorder

Do you want to know what your loved ones are talking about on lengthy phone calls? The surveillance app for android records all calls to let you listen to the phone calls of your concerned ones without accessing their devices. You can also detect contact numbers of callers and recipients. The incoming calls from unwanted numbers can also be blocked.

Live Screen Recorder

Wanna see what your kids are doing on their smartphone right now? The tracker app lets you capture phone screen to see and record real-time phone activities. You can send command to the monitored android device to start screen recording or screenshots without letting the target know. The app captures phone screen secretly without producing any noise or notification to alert the target.

Social Media Monitoring

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Hike, Hangout, WeChat, Tumblr, Telegram, Yahoo messenger, Zalo, IMO, Viber, Tinder, Kik and all other popular social and instant messengers can be scrutinized with TOS. Parents can read chats of their kids and see posts to ensure their protection from bullies and predators.

Track GPS Location

The cell phone spy software lets you keep an eye on your kid’s tours. You can find out the current GPS location of the monitored phone to know where your kids are at current time. You can also get detail of their earlier visits.

Supervise Internet Usage

The software for android monitoring helps ensure that the internet is being used securely and responsibly. The app lets you access the internet browsing history of your kids’ handset. It also shows bookmarks to find out the frequently visited websites.

Chase Passwords and Keystrokes

Using the android spyware app, you can access all passwords, pin codes and keystrokes put to the monitored Android device. The keystrokes get automatically recorded by the app to provide the end-user with credentials put to the on-screen keyboard.

There is more you can monitor using the android surveillance software.

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