How to Get Motor Insurance in Just a Few Easy Steps

The need for the motor-driven automobile arose from the need to move quickly. Moving quickly can have odds like ramming into a car or increased maintenances maintenance. Owning a motor car is a task of responsibility. Insurance can help the owner of a motor mitigate any risks involved in moving quickly. Insurance is also a mandatory requirement. Covering your risk with an insurance policy that gives you comprehensive coverage is recommended. A comprehensive cover would protect you, not limiting to third-party liabilities but, extending to personal injury covers, natural or man-made disaster damage cover, et al.

Insurance can be bought through an agent online by comparing features of different policies. It is very essential to have concrete information on how insurance works to choose a suitable plan for your motor vehicle.

Vehicle Information is Essential

Premium amount on car insurance or two-wheeler insurance is calculated on the basis of the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle. One should be aware of the motor valuation practices to better compare insurance quotes. Do not adopt the practice of undervaluing since it can reduce the claim amounts proportionately as well. Before moving quickly with the selection of an insurance policy, one is advised to consider vehicle value, estimated use of the vehicle, geographical placement, et al.

Know Your Policy

An insurance policy would not cover all the risks for you. An insurance buyer should choose the policy as per her needs and budget. Comprehensive Insurance covers outshine Third Party Insurance Cover, which do not provide extensive cover and offer monetary compensation only for third party liabilities. Coverage for third party liabilities, own damage (OD), injury or death of the driver, damage caused due to natural or man-made disasters, theft of valuables from the car, roadside assistance, and sometimes, depreciation is included in a comprehensive insurance cover. Car insurance and two-wheeler insurance buyers should also aim for insurance policies that are long-term in nature so as to be free from the inconvenience of annual renewal and changing premium charges.

While comparing insurance policies online, be mindful of the premium that is charged for the coverage provided, and thereby avoid paying hefty premiums for less extensive coverage.

Know Discount or Benefits

The buyer has to be aware of the monetary benefits that can be cashed in for not claiming the insurance. No Claim Bonuses (NCB), a benefit for not claiming the insurance during the term period offered by insurance companies, is a good way of discounting the future premium payments. Discounts on insurance policies can be availed from online sources.

Exclusions in the Insurance Policy

Insurance policies bar the provision of risk cover in terms of threats arising in certain cases:

  • Expired policy, mechanical failures, wear and tear of the car, et al. may not be valid perils for claiming insurance.
  • Driving under the effect of any substance use like alcohol or drug will not result in successful claims.
  • Insurance companies can deny the claim for motor vehicles used for illegal activities,
  • Staging a car accident to make unlawful gains will void the claim.

Keeping in mind these simple and helpful tips will help you move quickly with your insurance as well. Reputed companies like Bharti AXA GI also offer comprehensive motor insurance 24×7 claim assistance service, which can help you make a better buying decision when it is most needed.