How to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

Everyone desires to look sharp and active every morning, but having droopy eyelids makes you look dull, tired, and older than your age. In extreme cases, it can cause impaired vision due to your lid covering most of your eye. It can also be an indication of a severe health condition. It is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you are experiencing droopy eyelids in Dulles, you can get help at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center.

What causes droopy eyelids?

As you age, you can experience droopy eyelids due to aging processes which cause your elevator muscles to stretch and weaken hence being unable to keep your eye open.

Some medications like botox injection can cause droopy eyelids. Previous eye surgery can cause droopy eyelids due to your eyelids being overstretched by instruments used during the surgery.

If your eyelid muscle nerves are damaged, you can experience droopy eyelids. Having an eye tumor can also cause droopy eyelids. Some diseases affecting your eye muscles like stroke and cancer can also cause droopy eyelids.

Symptoms to look for in droopy eyelids

  • If you are experiencing watery or dry eyes, you are at risk of developing droopy eyelids because your eyelids cannot function well enough to keep your eyes moist.
  • If you look at yourself in a mirror and find out your upper eyelid is sagging, causing you to look tired and experience pain around your eyes because of repeatedly lifting your eyebrows to enable you to see correctly.
  • Experiencing obstructed vision; caused by the sagging of your upper eyelid, which makes it start covering your pupil.
  • You may start tilting your head back to enable you to see clearly, even during a normal conversation. You can also experience headaches and astigmatism.

Droopy eyelids diagnosis

When you go for a droopy eyelids diagnosis, your doctor will closely examine you to establish your droopy eyelids’ root cause. Your doctor will do this by reviewing your family and medical history, a physical examination, and questioning how long you have experienced the drooping eyelids and if you are on medication. Your doctor will also perform tests like:

Tensilon test

Your doctor will inject a drug known as tension in one of your veins and then ask you to stand and sit down several times, monitoring if the drug improves your muscles’ strength. The test helps your doctor determine if myasthenia gravis condition is the cause of your droopy eyelids.

Slit-lamp exam

Your doctor will use a high-intensity light to have a closer view of your eye, and it may cause a bit of discomfort because of the broader opening of your eye.

Droopy eyelids treatment

After finding out your droopy eyelids’ root cause, your doctor can recommend the proper surgical procedure for you to rectify your droopy eyelids. Your surgeon will make an almost invisible incision in your upper eyelid crease and lift your eyelid back to its natural position. These will help prevent your eyelids from drooping and tighten your elevator muscles.    

If you are experiencing droopy eyelids, do not wait any longer. Call or book an appointment online with Sanctuary Cosmetic Center to be on the right path to great looks.