Before live streaming events became popular on social media, it had been a thing since the 1990s in America when there was a public live stream of a baseball game.

Facebook, followed by other social media platforms, revolutionised live streaming as it allowed the general public to have the ability to stream live via their mobile devices.

Like a corporate photo shoot, however, live streaming formal events require the skills of a professional. Consider hiring a videographer for your upcoming corporate event to help you live stream and reach out to a wider target audience.

Here’s how to maximise their video production service in Singapore.

  1. Get To Know About Your Videographer

To guarantee your preferred professional videographer is someone you can trust, consider reading customer reviews, browsing their website, and checking out their social media accounts. Doing all of these can help you learn more about them.

  1. Be Responsive To Messages

No matter how busy you get, ensure to send a reply to the messages that your hired videographer will send to you. Remember that they are only messaging you to smoothen your event’s video production plan.

  1. Bring Questions & Concerns Up The Actual Event’s Video Production

Since you have no idea how live streaming events work, you should ask the professionals during your initial meeting. Their answers will give you ideas about what will happen during your event in Singapore.

  1. Create A Timeline With Your Videographer

Creating a timeline with your hired videographer can also help you guarantee that maximise of what you are paying them. Once your hired videographer has completed the current tasks, you can predict what they will do next by looking at the set timeline.

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