How to keep your home free of squirrels

It is essential to keep squirrels out of your house because if left alone they can cause a lot of damage to your home especially your attic or your basement. In order to ensure that your house doesn’t have squirrels there are several ways to ensure that this happens.

Find out the access points

It is important to go outside of your home and walk all around it and look for any space or location that would serve as a point of entry. This means that not only do you look at the walls and foundation but you must also look at the windows, the gutters and also check the roof. At the same time you can also go back into your house and into the attic and look for any points of entry especially during the day as they would be more noticeable. If there are any entry points that are located such as spaces under your door, in your gutters or even holes in roofing materials it is essential to repair them immediately either by sealing them with plaster or use of animal resistant patches. Another entry point that is often overlooked is the chimney which can be protected by ensuring that it is covered on top by a chimney cap this prevents any squirrels from coming down through the chimney but also ensures smoke is able to escape.

Making sure the squirrels leave

Squirrels can be stubborn and if especially one has given birth they may be reluctant to leave. In such a case, the mother will just leave and come back to bring food to its children and if you cover up the entry point while the mother is outside you are likely to be left with a whole litter of squirrels. These squirrels will need to be gotten rid of as soon as they have been discovered and one can contact amco ranger pest control. One cheap way of ensuring that the squirrels leave is to soak one piece of cloth in ammonia and then leave it near the entry point or where they live, the strong ammonia smell will drive out the squirrels.

Ensuring the squirrels don’t reappear

Once you have driven the squirrels out of your house it is imperative to ensure that they don’t come back. The first thing you need to do is go outside and check if there are any tree branches that are growing close to your roof. Make sure you cut off overhanging branches that are next to your roof, since squirrels tend to use such branches as stepping bridges to get into your house. Also, remember that the tree on the outside may serve as the main home for the squirrels. This means the squirrels then use your house as a place where they can breed and keep warm especially when the weather conditions are unfavorable. Another thing to look out for is the amount of organic matter and debris that is laying around outside your home or next to it. Having too much debris can serve as a hiding place from which the squirrels will look for an opportunity to gain entry to your home.