How to know the most viable engineering courses in today’s market

Student aspirants and students recently enrolled at the best BTech college in UP are often seen mulling over the highest paying branch of engineering. The ultimate aim of gaining an education at any top BTech colleges in UP is to achieve a suitable career that pays well. However, most experts would say that a student should follow a branch that interests them the most. It is generally difficult for students to gauge their genuine interest in a particular field when they know almost nothing about it. Here are a few branches of engineering that pay well in our modern markets.

Computer Science Engineering

The services sector is the biggest supplier of well-paying jobs to the right kind of graduates from the top BTech colleges in UP. Such professionals get hired into the hospitality, banking, insurance, automobiles, aerospace, railways, hospitals, and the IT field. Suitable graduates from the best BTech college in UP work on coding and developing devices and services, testing, and maintenance. The pandemic only slowed down the rate of hiring, while the demand might never completely go away as technology grows. A starting salary of 7.5 LPA is offered to graduates, while eight-figure salaries are offered to the best candidates.

Mechanical and Civil Engineering

These two fields are the evergreen fields of engineering from time immemorial. A steady stream of freshers from either of these fields from the top BTech colleges in UP work at shipyards, railways, defense, and many manufacturing and production processes across the industry. A graduate of mechanical engineering from the best BTech college in UP gets a starting salary of around 2 to 5 LPA, while in civil engineering it could vary from 3 to 5 LPA. After graduation, many students also gain a master’s degree to get into management, academics or strengthen their knowledge base and prospects.

Electrical Engineering

This engineering branch is also an old and core branch of engineering that pours out a steady stream of opportunities every year for suitable graduates from the best BTech college in UP. Private manufacturing sectors need such graduates from the top BTech colleges in UP to handle various instruments, electrical circuits, and their maintenance. They are hired by the IT sector for software development and ERP solutions. However, government bodies like NTPC, electricity board, PSUs, defense, etc., hire them the most. A salary of around 2-4 LPA is offered to freshers.

Should you pick the highest paying branch of engineering?

A mere selection of a branch of engineering from the best BTech college in UP also does not guarantee anyone the highest paying job in the market. It is a myth that engineering branches at any of the top BTech colleges in UP can be categorized in such a manner. Every year a considerable amount of engineering graduates are provided to the job market. Yet only a handful of around 2-

3 lakh students gain high-paying jobs. Such cream of jobs are usually gained by people who have worked hard, have the potential, and are usually graduates from the best institutes from almost any engineering branch.