You probably understand that NFTs are becoming mainstream, especially if you have in mind their popularity. Therefore, numerous brands have begun using this technology, which has proven to be lucrative. 

According to reports, trading in NFTs reached seventeen billion dollars in 2021, a significant increase compared with past years. However, the increase in popularity brought more significant competition for reaching an audience and gaining worldwide attention. 

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It is challenging for an artist or brand to launch a new collection, especially if your goal is to stand out. The main goal is to understand the simple strategy to help you create a successful NFT collection to help you reach more people than before. 

The main idea is to implement various marketing strategies, build community, use marketplace and blockchain options and prepare your tokens to reach more people than before. 

  1. Compelling Story

The idea is the first and indispensable step that will help you create the NFT you wanted in the first place. It does not matter which asset you wish to turn into tokens, the main question is whether the audience wishes to purchase it. 

You should sit with a marketing team and create a compelling and exciting story to attract customers. That way, you can grab attention and reach more people than before. Therefore, you should ask yourself a few questions beforehand:

  • What sets you apart from others?
  • What makes you more significant than others?
  • Why your art or belonging will hold value for years?
  • What value your NFT has to a potential buyer?
  • Do you have exclusive tokens?
  1. Choose Marketplace and Blockchain

One of the most important aspects of launching an NFT collection is determining the platform you wish to use to sell it. That way, you must make two essential decisions: the marketplace you wish to use and the blockchain that will mint your tokens. 

You can use a wide array of options available on the market, but most of them come from Ethereum, while you can use OpenSea as the popular marketplace for selling tokens. Still, you can choose other options. 

Numerous projects can benefit from alternative options and the chance to create a specific marketplace, which is not straightforward as it seems, but you can benefit from it. As soon as you decide to build a unique marketplace, you will obtain more significant control of your tokens. 

That way, you can earn higher revenue while reducing the value to customers due to the lack of high fees you would get from marketplaces. 

  1. Smart Contracts

The essential aspect of selling NFTs includes contracts. Therefore, you should consider a few things when writing contracts, such as:

  • Do you use off-chain or on-chain tokens?
  • Will you take royalties after reselling?
  • What is the max number of tokens you will mint?

The main idea is to determine whether you wish to allow the buyer to mind a specific token and whether a purchase includes other things. Remember that you can add extras for buyers, such as a ticket to an exclusive event or a specific physical item with your brand and logo. 

  1. Build Community and Buzz

As soon as you decide to launch a token, the main goal is to create excitement and hype around a collection you wish to publish. The more excitement you create within a specific community, the more valuable your tokens will be, which is essential to remember. At the same time, more buyers and people will decide to buy them.

It would be best if you implemented a few things within your marketing campaign to help you launch successfully. 

  • Social Media – The first thing you should do is create social media profiles. Of course, the first ones should be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. However, it would be best if you took advantage of alternative options where NFT enthusiasts spend a lot of time, such as Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. 
  • Influencers – You can find many influencers specifically for token promotion. The main idea is to research and list the best influencers you can afford. That way, you can contact them and create a meaningful connection. 
  • Giveaway – Another option is to offer something as an addition to the token you wish to sell. That way, you will urge people to reach you faster and increase your chances of selling.
  • Web Presence – We recommend you create a professional website because an online presence is the first impression potential buyers will create about you. The worst thing you can do is to launch everything without a viable and appealing web presence, which can lead to devastating results. 
  • Content – Apart from talking with influencers, you can create promotional blog posts, images, and videos and share them on social media platforms and forums. 
  • Email Marketing – You can start building the email list, which will allow you to ensure the best course of action. That way, you can directly promote by sending hundreds of emails to potential buyers. 

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  1. Prepare Your Team

Before launching, you should prepare yourself thoroughly, ensuring you reach more people than before. Therefore, your team members will help you create checklists, provide relevant information, and prepare everything beforehand. 

The launch day will be challenging for everyone, especially if you do not prepare and think about each step. The worst thing that can happen is being overwhelmed by excited customers and fans. That is why you must ensure the following:

  • To inform everyone about the drop, including the date, time, and other important factors
  • Everyone should know the role during the launch, while you should have an open communication channel through Slack or Discord, depending on your preferences 
  • The customer service team should monitor social media and deal with potential issues users may face while trying to purchase your tokens. 
  • Besides, your technical support should monitor and be active during a drop and enter the scene when a potential issue happens. You cannot afford to lose precious time on fixing problems.
  • You will need either virtual or physical space where you can gather to solve potential problems as they arise.