How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen in invisible ink marked cards?

 Maybe you are quite familiar with marked cards if you often play cards with your friend. And we also believed that you are quite interested about how to mark cards.

Some players believe that it is simply to mark cards with an invisible ink pen. In fact, a successful deck of professional marked cards have complex processors when processing. Because there are many factors will affect marking playing cards. Such as air humidity, weather temperature, ink mixing ratio and so on. Therefore, you can’t settle those problems only with an invisible ink pen. What’s more, marks wrote by pen even can be seen with your eyes.

When it draws to the marking way of cards, we all know there are different types marked cards. To some extent, those marked cards can be divided into ultimate marked decks and invisible ink marked cards.

The first type marked decks is to hide the mark by changing the pattern of cards. The common marking ways are block-out, cut-out, tinting and hieroglyphics. Therefore, the marks are visible if you pay more attention to the back pattern. However, the marker is very good at using the complex graphics to reflect the number or suit of the card, so you needn’t to worry about it is easy to arise other players suspect.

As for the second type of marked cards, its marks are invisible to your naked eyes and need to work with a pair of infrared contact lenses, UV sunglasses or poker analyzer. Those cards are marked with special invisible ink by a professional printer, not a pen. Marks on those playing cards always shows as big marks in the middle of back, small marks on four corners, mini marks in the white border area and barcode marks on four sides. No matter which way, they are also easy to recognize.

Invisible ink marked cards are widely used in poker gambling. More and more players want to make marked cards by themselves. Without the help of printing technology, how to mark playing cards?

Invisible luminous pen is a good choice for players to mark cards by themselves. Its usage is very simple and convenient, just like a common pen. Luminous ink pen can write on both paper cards and plastic poker cards. There are only three steps to mark playing cards.

1.Prepare the poker decks you want to mark.

Invisible ink pen is suitable for most poker cards. Players can choose the brands of the poker cards that they usually play. Both paper cards and plastic cards can be marked by invisible luminous pen.

2.Prepare marked cards contact lenses.

I suggest that players should wear infrared contact lenses before they mark cards. Because the ink is invisible for naked eyes, you may make some mistakes if you can’t see what you write.

3.Prepare an invisible ink pen.

When your pen filled with invisible ink is ready, you can begin your marking. Just like using an ordinary pen, you just need to write down the marks that you want to make. And then let the marks naturally dry.

Marking cards by invisible ink pen can be used to meet an urgent need. For example, you forget to bring you marked playing cards but your poker games will start soon. At this time, you can use your invisible luminous pen to write some simple marks. But marked cards by invisible ink pen can’t last as long as marked poke cards by printer does. If you want your poker cheat cards can last longer, you have better choose luminous marked poker cards by printer.