How to Prevent or Deal with Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities?

Cybercriminals have a lot of ways to gain access to a network; however, they usually take advantage of common vulnerabilities like default passwords and unpatched software. This makes it essential to ensure your cybersecurity program includes establishing a regular process to find these vulnerabilities and reduce cybersecurity vulnerability.

Hackers can wreak havoc on your company and cause sensitive data loss and exposure through different cybersecurity vulnerabilities in processes, user behavior, and technical controls that let hackers perform malicious actions.  

Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Your Organization Must Prevent or Remediate

The following are some cybersecurity vulnerabilities that organizations face:

  • Poor Network Segmentation and Monitoring. A lot of attackers depend on weak network segmentation and monitoring to have full access to systems in a network subnet after gaining initial access. This cybersecurity vulnerability has resulted in compromised systems. To fix this vulnerability, organizations must carefully control network access among systems within subnets and establish better detection and alerting techniques.
  • Weak authentication and credential management. A lack of sound credentials is one of the most common causes of breaches for this vulnerability. People tend to use the same password again and again and a lot of systems and services support weak authentication practices. For the majority of companies, implementing stringent password controls is important. This may include more complex passwords, longer passwords, and more frequent password changes.
  • Poor endpoint security defenses. A lot of end-point security defenses are no longer inadequate to fight advanced malware and intrusions that target end-users and server platforms. Thus, organizations must invest in modern endpoint detection and response tools that integrate next-generation antivirus and actual response capabilities. 
  • Poor network engineering. Organizations must check hardening guidelines for protocols and technologies in use. They must have a hardening checklist for every kind of operating system and vital application they use. Experts also recommend having an image library and a program or process approach for keeping the images updated.

The Importance of Having a Cyber Security Team

Organizations can protect their cyber assets by hiring cybersecurity teams. In general, big organizations have a security director who supervises all cybersecurity operations and security managers to manage the resources necessary to implement their security policies. Also, the team includes security analysts who complete projects to accomplish a company’s overall security goals. With the help of the right team, companies can find opportunities and implement more effective processes and controls to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent exploits.