How to Protect Your Home

Thanks to improvements in technology, and our society becoming more security conscious – CCTV is being found in more homes than ever before. This means that even the average homeowner can benefit from boosting their home security using dependable CCTV North Wales. In addition to the installation of CCTV North Wales, there are some other common sense security measures that you should remember in order to keep your family and property safe. 

Security Cameras

As a homeowner, having a professionally installed CCTV system allows you to easily monitor the comings and goings of your property at all times. This simple, yet highly effective method of security is enough to put off many opportunistic criminals. In fact, it is worth advertising the fact that you have cameras in use, using a sign such as ‘security cameras in use’.

To upgrade the peace of mind that these systems can give, the footage can often be fed through to your smartphone or tablet so that you can keep tabs on your home whenever you feel like it. 


One of the easiest ways to prevent your home from being targeted is to try and put the thieves off in the first instance. Dogs have been used for hundreds of years to frighten away unwanted visitors, and they are still just as effective in this technology dominated age. Even if you don’t have a dog, sometimes even putting up a ‘beware of the dog’ sign is enough to deter break in attempts. 

Lights & Alarms

Any and all entrances into your property are worthy places of motion sensor lighting. It’s a lot more difficult and not as appealing for criminals to break in whilst being lit up in full visibility – there are also a lot less hiding places, making identification easier. Alarms are another crucial safeguarding technique to be alerted of an intruder. 


Landscaping of gardens and foliage on your property can have an effect on how people, including potential intruders, navigate the exterior of your property. Think about trimming the bushes and trees next to your home, as this can reduce the amount of shade and coverage available for an intruder to conceal themselves in. You might also want to consider planting a thorny species around window areas in order to discourage entry via these access points. 

Doors & Windows

The best way in which to protect your home is to assess and look over your property with a burglar;s eye, noting any weaknesses or potential avenues of access. Healthy windows and doors are essential for home security, as are working, sturdy locks. If you see any problems, have them taken care of by a reputable tradesman, protecting your home and family needs to be done properly!

Holiday Safety

In the rush and excitement of going on holiday, your home security can sometimes be overlooked. It is best to inform a trusted neighbour that you will be going away so that they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Never write a note to postal workers and leave it on your door, this is advertising the fact that the house is empty to anybody that walks by. Another telltale sign that there’s nobody home is the ringing of unanswered phones – so if possible, turn down the volume of the phone to play down the fact that the house is currently unoccupied.