How to Quickly Claim Car Insurance Online and its Process?

Car insurance provides policyholder cover against third-party liabilities, theft, total loss, etc. Therefore, it is wise for every car owner to purchase a car insurance policy. However, in order to avail the cover, a policyholder needs to file a claim.

If you want to know how to file a claim, then read this article to understand the process.

Car insurance offers various benefits, such as cover against third-party liabilities, protection against natural calamities and human-made disasters, etc. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for every car owner to purchase a car insurance plan. But in order to receive financial assistance for repairing the damages, a policyholder needs to file a claim with the insurer. However, many policyholders don’t know how to file a car insurance claim.

Read on to understand the car insurance claim process.

Car Insurance Claim Process for Third-Party Liabilities

  • The first thing you need to do in case the third party sends you a legal notice is to inform your insurance company.
  • Don’t communicate or make an out-of-court settlement with the third party without informing your insurance provider.
  • You will have to submit the legal notice, copies of the vehicle’s RC book, the FIR, and the driving license to your insurance company.
  • If your claim is legitimate, then the insurer will appoint a lawyer for your case.
  • In case the court orders you to pay for the third-party damages, then your insurance provider will cover the expenses.

Car Insurance Claim Process for Damage to Your Own Car

  • Inform your insurance provider at the earliest.
  • Gather information from the accident scene. Furthermore, try to get the contact details of any witnesses.
  • Then you will have to submit a duly filled claim form along with the necessary documents.
  • Once you file a claim, the insurer will send a surveyor for your case.
  • The surveyor will prepare a report on the damages. This report will be submitted to the insurer.
  • Based on this report, you can take your car to a garage to repair it.
  • Once the car is repaired, you will have to submit the bills to the surveyor. The surveyor will then send it to the insurer.
  • The insurer will reimburse your bills if the claim is approved.

Car Insurance Claim Process for Car Theft

  • The first thing that you must do is file an FIR.
  • After filing the FIR, you need to inform the insurer.
  • The next thing that you need to do is inform your RTO about the theft. Then, you will have to fill a few forms. These forms will be signed by the RTO officer. Then, you will receive the transfer papers from the RTO.
  • Once you file an FIR, the police will start the investigation. If the police can’t find the car, then you will receive a no-trace report.
  • You need to submit the car keys to your insurance provider.

Essential Documents Required to File a Car Insurance Claim

  • Claim Form
  • Identity Proof
  • Copy of the Insurance Policy
  • Copy of Your Driving License
  • Copy of Your Vehicle’s Registration Certificate
  • FIR Copy (In case of Car Theft)
  • Garage Bills (In case of Reimbursement Claim Settlements)
  • RTO Forms and Transfer Papers (In case of Car Theft)
  • No-Trace Report (In case of Car Theft)

It is crucial that you have information about the car insurance claim process. It will help you file a claim easily.