How to Restore a Deck?


Homeowners who have lived in their home for several years know that over time the boards and railings of the deck are going to start looking ratty.  It’s only a matter of time.  The hot summer sun, especially in southern states, really breaks down the fibers in the wood.  Also, tornadoes and other heavy rain events can leave the boards soaked.  Eventually, without proper care, the boards will begin to crack, mold and rot.  

Homeowners know that the only way to prevent climate damage to decks is to have them properly stained and sealed.  The best product for doing this is known as Ready Seal.  

Traditional Staining and Sealing

What most homeowners don’t know is that the flexibility of the stain and seal is very important.  Wood naturally expands and contracts. The products used to stain and seal need to be sensitive to this expansion and contracting.  When a traditional stain and sealer are applied, they aren’t flexible.  They don’t move with the wood as it expands and contracts.  

This inflexibility is what causes the boards of the deck to start cracking and peeling.  This leaves the boards open to the elements again.

Ready Seal

When deck boards are coated with the flexible product Ready Seal, the natural wood oils penetrate into the fibers of the board, rather than sitting on top of the board like a traditional stain and seal.   Ready Seal coats the fibers and allows the wood to expand and contract naturally.  Ready Seal won’t crack or flake off and your deck will be protected for the long haul.  

Ready Seal is also a time-saving product.  The stain and seal are all in one product so it only takes one coat to completely seal and protect the wood.  This saves not only time but money as well.  With traditional stains and seals, homeowners have to apply two coats of stain and one or more coats of sealant.  This means homeowners are spending more money because they are using up more products.

Professional Application

Homeowners who want to make sure they get the best possible protection for their deck should think about having professionals handle the restoration of their deck.  Professional restoration companies understand the fibers in wood and how they expand and contract. For this reason, they choose Ready Seal.  

Another reason they use Ready Seal is that their reputation rests on the quality of their work.  When a deck has been restored by professionals, the homeowner can expect their deck to stand up to the elements for many years. This is another cost savings for homeowners since they don’t have to have their deck treated so often.

Also because of the paraffin wax in Ready Seal, homeowners will notice that their deck will be resistant to algae growth. It also contains an algaecide to provide extra protection against algae. The high-use areas of the deck will not show use because of the stain and seal penetrating into the wood rather than sitting on top of the wood.