How to sleep with sunburn without pain

You’ve just got back from a wonderful day outside.

The sun was blazing and a cool wind blew.

Everything seemed perfect until you remember; you forgot to put on sunscreen!

That’s one of the most common ways people get a sunburn.

Underestimating the sun’s heat on any day, not putting on enough SPF(Sun protection factor), or forgetting to put on any altogether.

Sunburns cause a lot of pain and irritation during the day but it gets much worse at night.

The swollen skin triggers easily just by moving around in your sheets while trying to sleep.

The poor sufferer lies awake, wondering ‘how to sleep with sunburn?’

We’ve put together these helpful tips that will get rid of your sunburn in no time and help you sleep like a baby.

Take a painkiller before bed

Sunburns are a painful experience, especially while trying to fall asleep.

The inflamed skin gets itchy and sensitive, which hurts a lot when rubbed against the bedsheets.

Don’t suffer the burn in silence and take 2 doses of pain medications like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, or Aspirin throughout the day, especially a half hour before falling asleep.

Wear loose and light clothing

That goes for your pajamas, bed linens, and comforter.

Use light material like cotton and avoid harsh cloth that rubs against the skin like nylon or polyester.

Breathable clothing will allow the sensitive sunburnt skin to relax and the lack of friction from harsh fibers prevents blisters from peeling.

Turn on the air conditioning

You’re likely to get a sunburn during the hot summer months so crank up the AC before sleeping so your heated body can have time to cool down during the night.

For colder winter days, turn a ceiling fan on before sleeping and keep a cool, damp cloth beside you to dab against the skin whenever it feels agitated.

Drink lots of cold water

Dehydration is a major reason for sleep discomfort as the sunburnt skin draws water towards its surface, depriving the body.

Drink cold water periodically during the day and keep a pitcher of ice water near your bed before sleeping.

This will cool down your body and prevent dehydration during the night.

Moisturize without fail

A tried and tested treatment for diminishing sunburn pain is moisturizing.

Creams like this e45 one can soothe the inflamed skin and make for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Dermatologists highly recommend moisturizing skin for the entire duration of sunburn as it speeds up the cooling process.

Use it on your whole body, especially the parts with blisters and flaky skin, blending it evenly and getting maximum coverage.

How to sleep with sunburn after moisturizing

E45 Cream makes healing from a sunburn easy.

It has mild ingredients that soothe sunburnt skin and are suitable for all ages and skin types, even infants older than one month.

The best way to use it is by applying it to damp skin after taking a bath as it locks in moisture.

For a comfortable night’s sleep, moisturize your whole body with E45 cream right before bed to avoid any irritation.


A sunburn can make your days and nights difficult to pass.

Sleep becomes a luxury that your inflamed skin can’t afford.

Follow the clinically recommended tips above to recover quickly from sunburn and sleep easily during the night.

If you don’t remember the tips of, how to sleep with sunburn then a quick solution is you can put a sunburn-like e45 which will save your skin from irritation all night.